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Today we are going to talk today about the Columbia Drainmaker and have you ever seen anything like this?

It looks like a running shoe but it’s not. It’s actually a water hybrid shoe meant to be in and out of the water, meant to dry quickly, meant to be worn everywhere.

The focus here was to create a shoe that felt like a running shoe and that’s what we achieved. How we achieved that was with our Techlite midsole. It’s fully drainable, but it’s also very well cushoned. You could stand around in water – or not, you can be on land and it’s going to be comfortable – but if you are in water it’s going to drain fantastic.

On the outsole we’re using our omnigrip technology. The rubber is called wet-grip, so it sticks to any wet surface. How we achieved that is through these lugs. The lugs are great for land, however those lugs are also great for wet surfaces because they are razor siped. The siped lugs are sort of like a tire that works in wet weather.┬áThe Drainmaker is a fantastic shoe. Any water that goes in is going to come out. It feels good, it’s light weight. You’re not going to be disappointed.


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