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2011-12 Capita Totally FK’N Awesome Snowboard

This is the Capita Totally FK’N Awesome snowboard with flat kick technology! As you’ve seen throughout all of Capita snowboards, they always have amazing graphics and I was really excited to review this board because the graphics again are pretty rad. Not only is the topsheet DTD silkscreened, but they have some pretty loud sidewalls and an awesome silkscreen and die cut combination for their base…a guy doing Daffy, I think on there. Anyway, this is an all mountain freestyle board for everyone that likes to do everything on the mountain. So if you like to make the whole mountain your park, this is going to be a great board for you. The flex rating is about a 6, so it’s going to be a little on the stiffer side of the scale (from 1-10), but it’s going to be playful enough for you to have a lot of fun with the new age directional shape. Now, it does have what’s called Freeride FK (flat kick) technology; so in between the binding inserts there’s positive camber, and after the binding inserts the board gradually reverses camber and rocker up. Once the board reaches the contact points, the nose and tail have the Flat Kick technology, which means they’re both nice and flat. It’s great for riding powder, great for setting up on jibs, great for basically doing everything and that’s what this board was built for.


Tip to tail and rail to rail it has a wood core called the DS Select wood core. On the rails you’re going to have beech wood, which is a dense and stable wood; and in the center of the board is poplar wood, which is a little bit more forgiving, a little bit softer. So no matter what you’re going to be doing — riding fast, the beech wood is going to keep you stable — and then if you’re riding slow and jibbing around, the poplar wood is going to help the board flex quite a bit. Now, what sandwiches the wood core is called the E Class weave fiberglass. On the top of the core you have two different directions of fiberglass, one that runs at 90 degrees, and one that runs at zero degrees. On the bottom will be Triax fiberglass that runs in three directions, one at zero degrees, one at 45 degrees and one at negative 45 degrees.

What makes this board really interesting besides the custom-weave E Class is the V Technology of the carbon stringers. At the ends of each contact point, in a v-shape, to almost where the inserts start, are the carbon beams. So they’re going to stiffen up and help give the nose and tail more pop than you’d normally have without them. The edges are of course a 360 degree wrap, and like I said earlier, the sidewalls have a lot of loud, visual pop to them; they look pretty cool and are going to be stable. The base is going to stay all season long. It’s a Wax Infused Rotational Sintered Speed Base. Inside the base already is wax, so if you want to wax this board, which I think you should, it’s going to absorb it really well, no matter what kind of wax or what kind of conditions you’re going to be riding. I’d say definitely check this board out if you are the all mountain freestyle rider that wants a loud flair in a great board. This is the Capita Totally FK’N Awesome snowboard with flat kick…totally f’ing awesome!


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