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Capita NAS Snowboard 2012

This is a Capita NAS Normal Ass Snowboard.This is an engineered board for the common man or the normal guy. This Normal Ass snowboard has classic technology in it. It has a traditional camber shape. The board actually arcs this direction instead of the opposite direction. Camber boards are great because they are very responsive in and out of turns. It has quick edge to edge transitions. The Normal Ass snowboard is a pretty cool board. You can see though the silkscreen transparent top sheet.

You can see the wood core and you can see the fiberglass strands as well. There is tip to tail wood core that runs from rail to rail as well. It is poplar wood. It is a smooth ride. It is vertically laminated as you can see as well. The SS Select wood core is sandwiched by two different layers of fiberglass. It is called the Form6 Fiberglass. The fiberglass on the top and on the bottom of the wood core runs in two different directions at 90 degrees and at 0 degrees. Now the board has a flex rating of about a seven so it is pretty stiff and you may ask yourself why so stiff. It has a pretty simple wood core and there is not much in the fiberglass. Underneath the wood core there is Carbon Kevlar inserts that run past the inserts to the back of the next so pretty much from rail to rail in between the binding inserts and the edges. It is Carbon Kevlar B so it is going to stiffen this board up and that is why it does have a flex rating of seven.

It has a classic radial sidecut radius so it’s one smooth shape and the sides of the radii run from a 7.6 to a 8.2 depending on the size. The edges are steel edges. The steel is starting to get a little bit more expensive but don’t worry about it because this board is pretty cheap. It does have a 360 degree wrap edge all the way around the nose and on the tail. The high molecular composite base is an extruded base. It is low maintenance and it is diecut. It is a cool board. This is probably the raddest board I’ve seen out of the Capita line. Capita’s graphics are great but this is definitely a step in a new direction for Capita. This board is going to be a blast.




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