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Capita Green Machine FK

This board is pretty dope. This is the reverse camber Capita Green Machine board with flat kick technology. I love this thing. I rolled thing out west, northwest, Mt. Hood. It is flat in between the bindings. After the bindings it starts to go up gradually like reverse camber normally would but the nose is a little bit different than the tail. As it starts to reverse camber up, it actually has another camber on top called a flat kick so it keeps your nose up when you are riding the pile. I love it! Maximum stance width of about 25″. It has RFC dual core. Every piece of wood in here comes from reforested land. That’s why Capita calls it the Green Machine.

The glass inside is pretty unique as well. It’s called the EVO tech. On the top part of the core it’s called Tri X fiberglass. There is three different directions that the fiberglass goes. On the bottom it is called bi X so there are two different directions that the fiberglass goes.

Besides that, Capita also puts carbon fiber additives in strips in the core as well. On the flat kick there is going be four shifts. One right there, one right there, right there, and one right there. The base is made out of recycled beeswax and it’s 100% centered. This baby is fast, it’s going to keep it’s speed, and it has a flexible at a five in the middle.

I love this graphic. I don’t know about you. Check it out. Capita Green Machine — follow that kick!”

Capita Green Machine Camber

Capita Green Machine Cambered Snowboard

This is the Capita Green Machine. It comes in two different options. It comes in a both in a Camber and Rocker version. It’s a true twin shape. Ladies love it. Dudes love it. The core is pretty interesting. This whole thing is actually pretty interesting because everything about it is pretty much recycled. The core is called RFC Dual Core. That means that this thing and all the wood inside of it is from a reforested crop of land. These trees are going to grow back or something of that sort.

The glass is called EVO Tech. EVO Tech means that there’s three directions of fiberglass on the top sheet that sandwich the core. And then Biax, which is two directions of fiberglass, that sandwich the bottom of the core, and also they have two strips of carbon fiber that run pretty much from tip to tail in a cross section. Keeping it nice and torsionally stiff. The base is beeswax modified recycled speed base. It’s made of beeswax. I don’t think you can eat it. It’s 100% filtered. The flex is about a five. Like I said, this thing is eco-friendly. Pretty awesome graphic. Looks like a guy with a tiger and a hat and a gun and a monkey in a cage. Capita Snowboards.



  1. clayton December 26, 2015 at 6:17 pm - Reply

    I bought this board last year and I put Union Contact bindings on it but they don’t seem to fit the best….any recommendation on what will work best?

    • gufrocks May 9, 2016 at 12:23 pm - Reply

      What part doesn’t fit?

      Usually Capita Snowboard and Union Bindings work perfect together because they’re owned by the same parent company.

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