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The Burton TWC Standard Snowboard. Now, you may not be able to ride like Shaun White, but you want to ride like Shaun White. If you’re at a beginner to intermediate level, this could be the board for you. Now this board will advance your skills dramatically. The Burton TWC has a feel good rating of a 2, so it’s going to be very, very soft. It does have the EZ V continuous rocker shape, so it’s going to have a V rocker in the middle, rocker on the nose, rocker on the tail, and it is going to have a directional shape.

The tail is going to be a little bit shorter than the nose, and it is going to have a 3 to 5 mm taper, depending on the size. The flex is also going to be directional. The tail is going to be a little bit more stiff than the nose.

It has a Burton Fly Core, so there is laminate wood from tip to tail. That’s pretty much it. It’s basic and simple, but the core does have something else that is kind of cool, it has a negative profile. It’s a little bit thicker in the middle, and then gradually tapers off to the nose and the tail, saving a little bit of weight, and causing less swing weight as well.

There is Biax fiberglass. The fiberglass runs in two different directions – it runs at 0 degrees and it runs at 90 degrees. It’s going to be playful, it’s going to be soft, it’s going to be fun if you’re on jumps, if you’re on rails, or learning new tricks.

It has an extruded base. Now, Burton‘s extruded base is comparable to other companies’ top of the line bases, I kid you not. This is going to be a great base. You’re not going to need to maintain it very much, but it’s going to stay fast, it’s going to be durable. You can keep it on snow, you can keep it on cement, it’s your choice.

It does have the Grip and Rip Tune classic edge. It’s an edge that even I believe the Vapor has, so even though the Vapor is a top of the line board, and this is an entry level to advanced snowboarding board, they have similar edges. It does have the Slantwall sidewalls as well. I believe those are at 28 degrees, and that is the same exact sidewall that the TWC, the Shaun White Pro model board has as well.

The graphic was done by the same graphic that did the Shaun White or the TWC Pro graphic, and his name is Lorenzo Petrantoni. This is part of the Double Chair tier in the Burton line. All of the materials in this are the top of the line materials of other companies, that’s all I’m going to say. It is part of the Green Mountain Project as well. The materials in the top sheet, the base, the core and the sidewall all come from recyclable materials. This is the TWC Standard snowboard. If you want to get better, if you want to do it quick, this is the snowboard for you!


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