Burton Tronic Snowboard Jacket Review

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Burton Tronic Snowboard Jacket

The Burton Tronic Snowboard Jacket has a lifetime guarantee against the manufacturer’s defects, so if anything goes wrong with this jacket, send it to Burton. They’ll either fix it for you for free or send you a brand new one. The Tronic Jacket is part of the Sig Fit Series. It’s this fit right in the middle; it’s not too large and it’s not too small. It’s actually for the average guy out there, but this isn’t an average jacket whatsoever. The Tronic Jacket is part of the Dry Ride Two Layer Durashell Technology Series. It’s a combination of two things: number 1 being the abrasion-resistant fabric on the outside, and underneath the waterproof breathable membrane, there’s 20,000 millimeters of waterproofing material and 15,000 millimeters of breathable material. This is going to be a very water-resistant, very breathable jacket. If you are in [red] conditions or conditions that make you sweat a lot, this is going to be a perfect jacket for you. Yes, it is just a shell-type jacket, but you can definitely layer up with any of the layer systems Burton has as well. Now, on the inside of the jacket there’s some great features. On the outside of the jacket, again, there are some great features. One the outside, of course, there’s a contoured lifetime hood. It’s not removable, but it is fully adjustable. So you can have an odd-shaped head and this thing’s going to fit or a normal-shaped head and this thing will fit as well.

There arepit zips to allows your armpits to breathe a little bit more. And one of my favorite things, the [POW] thumbs. That’s right. You don’t have to wear these, but these keep your jacket seams down on your arms instead of like lifting way up. Sometimes when you grab tail or you tweak it hard, sometimes that sleeve lifts up. The POW thumbs won’t let you do that. There’s adjustable cuffs as well and lots of pockets on this jacket. There’s two chest pockets and two sub belly pockets. The belly pockets actually have a nice, fleece lining and elastic closures as well. There’s a keyring that keeps your keys intact so you won’t lose them. Don’t lose your keys; attach them. And probably my favorite feature about this jacket though is the new Blowhole Collar Exhaust. The collar is actually a chafe-free collar as well. But when you have your face mask on, you have your goggles on, you’re sitting on the cherry lift, sometimes your goggles get foggy. With this Blowhole System your goggles won’t get foggy. There’s actually an exhaust system that when you–when you blow out of the collar, it actually moves out of the jacket with ease. It’s a great feature, and if you don’t like foggy goggies, this is going to be a great thing to have. Now, on the inside of the jacket there’s a multi-zone ALS Lining. It’s a nice, soft lining. You can wear a t-shirt, again, if you want, and you can layer it up as well. It has a media pocket that is nice and big, so if you can put your goggles in there. Of course, it’s nice and soft. Or put put your lunch or a bottle of water. And you can slide your headphone’s wires right out the little slip, so your headphone wires are going to be on the inside of the jacket instead of the outside of the jacket. This jacket has a lot of cool features, great fit, lifetime guarantee. The Tronic has a Blowhole Exhaust System. Sig Fit Series, 20,000 millimeters of waterproofing material, 15,000 millimeters of breathable material.


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