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You’re running around down town on foot just a hair before midnight trying to find which bar your friends have taken over. It’s 18 degrees out. Your bare hands are so cold that your touchscreen phone won’t budge. You put your gloves on for a few minutes to warm them up. The moment you take your gloves off to try texting your posse again, your hands refreeze. Sound familiar? Well, a bunch of companies have created gloves that work with touchscreen phones and music players. The vast majority of these gloves are either knit or constructed with a super thin material that won’t even take the chill off in 50 degree weather. I don’t know about you, but I wear gloves to keep my hands warm.

Burton has hands down created the best, most functional, comfortable and warmest touch screen glove. Above all, it even has incredible dexterity. They’ve teamed up with TouchTec to create a supple and buttery leather that enables us of touch screen devices. In addition, the Pinnacle Glove, Gondy Glove and Veda Glove are all waterproof and breathable. Whether on the lift or cruising town, get ready to make a call, skip a song or snap a pic with your gloves on. Check out all of Burtons Gloves here.


Have you ever wanted to text somebody, but it’s way too cold out to take your glove off? Well, want no more with Burton’s TouchTec Technology you yourself can be staying connected all over the glove with friends and family and keeping your hand warm at the same time. This revolutionary nano technology creates genuine leather that combines a supple, buttery feel and rugged waterproof breath-ability with the freedom to use your touch screen phone or music player while using your gloves.

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