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Burton Total Comfort Technology

Headed out West for New Year’s? Are you a weekend warrior? Whatever the case, no one wants to spend precious days on the mountain breaking their new boots in. And who’s to say that the boots will even break in to your liking! Burton tacked this problem hard. Total Comfort Technology drastically lessens or eliminates the break in period for your snowboard boots. That means your boots will fit the same as they did out of the box for days on snow to come. It’s pretty sweet and Burton is the only snowboard boot manufacture offering this unreal technology. Pick your weapon…

Men’s Snowboard BootsHail, Rampant, Tyro, Ambush, Driver X, Imperial, Ion, Moto, Ruler, SLX
Women’s Snowboard BootsBootique, Chloe, Axel, Emerald, FelixMint

Total Comfort is a new boot construction that eliminates the break in period for good. Shifting the placement of the lower lacing eyelets and reshaping the toe box eliminates pressure on the forefoot. The result is a boot that feels instantly broken in right out of the box and just as comfortable from shop floor to season opener and everyday thereafter.

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