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Improved performance is the result of Burton’s revolutionary Squeezebox technology. Thicker, more powerful core sections live outside the feet, while thinner, more flexible sections are under the bindings. Energy originates under the feet, then is transferred outward to the stiffer sections, energizing the tip and tail. Get ready for some jibtastic butter! All the while, the board becomes more stable and easily manipulated.

Burton Board Profile

Some argue that Burton Squeezebox technology is destined to revolutionize the snowboard industry. The entire uneven core profile is unlike anything ever brought to the snowboarding table. Furthermore, this new tech allows snowboarders to ride shorter boards with the same confidence and less swing weight. It’s the same idea as riding a short surfboard. Hell yea. Burton has the fun factor dialed with Squeezebox! You can find Squeezebox tech on the following models – Root, Easy Livin, Antler, Aftermath, Sherlock, Joystick, Custom X, Super Hero, Custom and Custom Flying V.

Squeezebox is a patent pending technology that releases untapped abilities. Regardless of whether the board is camber, rocker or springloaded, soft flexing core sections under foot increase flex and maneuverability. Stiffer, more stable sections outside the feet evenly distribute energy for increased stability, direct foot control and greater pop. The result is a more stable board that can be powered up and manipulated with less effort.

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