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We want nothing but the best for our kids – brains, athleticism, kind spirit and of course the best snowboard gear. Despite our own love for well-made outdoor gear and gadgets, it’s sometimes hard to choke down the cost of that cute little down puffy when you know one year is probably all that Little Jonny will wear it. When it comes to snowboarding, skimping on gear or “buying up” a size just isn’t fair for the little groms. It’s sure to make learning more difficult and worse, injury could occur. How would you like your heel sliding three quarters of the way up the back of your snowboard boot every time you attempted a toe side turn?

Burton knows the fun factor in snowboarding better than anyone else. They also know that having the factory “shrink” an adult snowboard or snowboard boot to a children’s size is far less than ideal. That’s why Burton has devoted a ton of man power and resources into research and development of youth specific snowboard gear. Take the Grom Boot, for example. Not only is it perfectly constructed to mold to tiny feet, but the footbed can be removed to gain a size. That’s right. Come the second season with the boots and Little Jonny can still comfortably wear the boots if his foot has grown a size. Bonus! Beneath the first footbed lies a second one with the same cushioning and support.

To keep up with constant growth spurts, the new and improved kid’s Room-To-Grow™ footbed lets the boot gain one whole size. Parents can rest easy knowing they will not have to buy new boots every season or even worse half way through a season by simply removing the footbed when the fit becomes snug.  A secondary integrated footbed insures there’s no compromise in cushioning or support.

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