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Burton Jeremy Jones Pro Model Snowboard. You may not be able to have the same motorcycle or riding skills as Jeremy, but you can buy his pro model. Which makes it almost the same or makes you almost as cool. The Jeremy Jones Pro Model Board is part of the high speed quad tier. Burton has five different tiers. This is the high speed quad. It reduces weight and brings up performance. The board has a feel good rating of a 4.

It has a twin shape with directional flex, meaning that the tail is going to be stiffer than the nose. Of course, it’s twin and camber, which is kind of odd for Jeremy Jones. It does have the channel system, of course, and it has the super fly core with dual zone EDG. Burton has put soft and hard woods in the core from tip to tail. On the EDG edges, they have made the grains perpendicular to the normal direction of the wood, causing a stiffer, smoother, more consistent ride.

It also has an even profile core, meaning the core is the same thickness from nose to tail. It has triaxial fiber glass. The fiber glass runs in 3 different directions at 45 degrees, negative 45 degrees and 0 degrees. It has a Sintered base, which of course is very durable and very porous. So, if you like to wax, this could be a good deck for you.  The edges are rail ready edges. I work as a wax technician and I see a lot of decks coming in with like super rounded off edges and like no edges. You can still be able to ride rails well, like Jeremy Jones, if you have beveled edges. That’s what the rail ready edges are, they’re a slightly beveled edge. So, when your board is flat on the rail, the edge isn’t going to catch up. It’s actually lifting up a little bit. The sidewalls are called the 1040 sidewalls. They’re at two different angles. These sidewalls are pretty much  indestructible. That’s why Jeremy wanted them in this board. The board has some cool extras, three main extras.

The first one is the infinite ride. The infinite ride is actually a machine at Burton that does this for hours on end. That’s right, the infinite ride breaks in the board for you, so you don’t have to. The Jeremy Jones Pro Model Board also has spoon technology on the nose and on the tail. This actually lifts up the contact points on the snow, so when you’re butting around at high speed, at low speeds your effective edge endings aren’t going to cause you to fall down.

It also has mid-spoon, there’s a convex shape to this board right in the middle. You can actually see that right there. The edges actually lift up just a touch. Those are three of my favorite features besides this amazing graphic that David Mann did. David Mann, two Ns, Mann. You can check out his website at DavidMannArt.com. Another great thing about this board is that it’s part of Green Mountain Project. The top sheet, the edges, the sidewalls, the base all are used with recyclable materials whether it be 10% or 90%. Hey, at least they’re making an effort to make this world a better place.


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