Burton Jeremy Jones Snowboard Boots Review

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2011 Burton Jeremy Jones with flex fit have a support rating of a 5. These are amazing boot. This is pretty much as real as it’s going to get. Jeremy Jones rides this boot. Doesn’t matter if he’s bomb-dropping off an 8-store parking lot or if he’s hitting a back-country booter step down. These boot are absolutely great for everything.

The Jeremy Jones Snowboard Boots have the shrinkage foot-bed reduction technology, meaning that, if this is a size 10, the foot print that it will leave in the snow is actually just a size 9. It’s great for people who have big feet who want less toe and heel drag.  The lacing system is going to be the traditional lacing system. It has the internal lace-lock system as well.

The liner is a pretty cool liner. It’s actually the Flex-2 park liner with Rad Pad technology which evenly distributes the pressure of the laces and the pressure of the ankle strap on your liner. It does have the flex-cuff heel hold as well, so inside, you’re going to find many amazing things including the J-bars and also the Tai Panel technology. So you’ll see that you’ll be able to have a little bit more lateral and medial softness but more stiffness both edge to edge.  These are also heat-moldable which is pretty cool. It has Velcro liner closures which is also great.

Another cool thing about Burton boots and especially these Jeremy Jones Boots is that if the liner is a 10½, the shell is going to be a 10½.  There are a lot of companies out there that have only full size shells, and full size and half-size liners. Not with Burton. If you’re getting a half-sized liner, you’re getting a half-sized shell as well.  The cushioning is the low-profile EST Optimized mid-sole. This thing is the lowest that Burton has ever gone with their mid-sole. It’s going to drop you down and make you have a lower center of gravity. It’s going to make you feel the snow and feel your bindings. It also has the B3 gel mid-sole as well so these things are going to be ultra-cush. That’s what Jeremy wanted. When you land flat 10 days out of the week, you want to make sure that you’re riding a comfortable pair of boots.

As for the flex of the boot, it’s going to have the flex spine backstay so there’s additional material on the back. Because Jeremy likes to tweak out his tricks, there’s going to be more medial and lateral softness but a little bit more stiffness both edge to edge. It also has a medium flex 3D tongue. Burton tongues come in three different stiffness’s: soft, medium, and stiff. This is right in the middle. This is medium.  Besides the B3 gel and all of the other cool features the Jeremy Jones boot has, this is probably the best.  It is the ultracush part two footbed.  It’s squishy. It feels like a Dr. Scholl’s insert. You won’t have to buy any inserts because this ultracush 2 insole is going to be absolutely what you need. It also has anti-microbial spray coating over the top so that you’re feet won’t stink. These are the Jeremy Jones Boots. Support rating of a 5. You can do pretty much anything in these Burton boots are  real as it gets.


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