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As park riding levels soar, bindings have been forced to step up their game. One of the biggest challenges has been maintaining a consistent flex in varying temperatures. Urethane has been the high back material of choice for it’s flexibility, but it has one major downfall. As the temperature rises and falls, the flex changes! That’s pretty weak if you ask us. The all new Gumbo High Back tech by Burton is the first of it’s kind – a perfect park binding that flexes the same everyday on the mountain from November through April. The Bootlegger is the one and only binding with this insane tech for 2013.

Stiff hi-backs suck on rails. But the only skate-style alternative has been urethane, which changes its flex as air temps rise or fall. Our specially formulated solution is the NEW Gumbo Hi-Back, made with more pliable ingredients that maintain the same extra soft flex whether it’s a single digit day or slushy session.

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