Snowboard graphics and a dope snowboard jacket can certainly make or break your level of happiness when it comes to snowboarding. However, any retail employee or person in the snowboard industry will agree that boots should be the first piece of gear purchased. From there, select your board, bindings and outfit. Boots that are poorly constructed with leave you aching (no pun intended) for a better day on the slopes.

Burton’s Crossbone Cuff technology is well thought out and totally dialed for freestyle riders. The articulating cuff allows the upper part of the boot to move independently of the lower portion. When the knees are bent to flex the boot (as in carving, gaining speed, etc.), the articulating cuff prevents the sides of the boot from creasing. A boot that doesn’t flex properly is likely to cause hot spots on the sides of your lower leg and will eventually become extremely uncomfortable. The Crossbone Cuff creates a perfect balance of mobility and stability. The pressing power and pop associated with Wing Backed high backs can alone be felt with the Crossbone Cuff technology.

In addition to the articulating cuff, Jumper Cables run vertically on the sides of the boot, which give the boot lateral support. If popping off of a wind lip or tail sliding a box is your idea of a fun day on the mountain, then look for Burton Snowboard boots with Crossbone Cuff Tech like the Rampant.

The Crossbone Cuff balances the free flexing mobility of an articulating cuff with the lateral support of ultra light Jumper Cables. The benefits of more ollie pop and pressing power associated with Winged Highbacks are brought to the boot itself. Riders are able to easily able to power up the tip and tail without sacrificing freestyle freedom and mobility.

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