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How’s it going guys? I’m Robbie at The House. Today we are going to be talking about the Burton 2011 CO2 Binding. Nice binding over all. It’s going to be one of the top lines at Burton. So you are going to get a lot of features here on this binding that are just all just going to really help you out. It is going to be all mountain binding. This is for the person who is really looking to hit the higher speeds, go back country, or to just really tear it up on the groomers. One of the coolest things about this binding, is it has the reflex technology on there. It is a newer technology that Burton has come out with that is kind of a combination between the EST (which is going to be for the channel system that Burton has with more of a traditional binding). What it actually does is with the base plate, traditionally you have hard plastic that runs all the way through the base plate, so you kind of create a dead spot over the base of your board and it doesn’t flex with your board. What the reflex does, is through the middle of the board here, you are actually not going to have any plastic at all, so it is going to flex with the board, so you are not going to have to sacrifice with that. All the while, you’re still getting all the durability of traditional binding. Also, it makes it a lot more comfortable. You are going to have a lot more padding underneath your toes and underneath your heals, so that you are really able to feel the board and tell what’s going on underneath your feet. Also, it is going to have one of the lightest weight high backs that Burton does. It is the Living Hinge Real Mesh back. It’s going to have a mesh back here and also just using the Fork, the Y Fork for your tortion so you are still going to get nice rigid back so that you get that response from your heals to your toes. Then the living hinge comes right here on the edge. It just makes it so that it is a lot more comfy and you don’t have to worry about it. You can really adjust it if you want more of a forward lean for those of you with that on the all mountain side of things. Also, you are going to have the gapless base, which makes it so that you don’t have to lose out on having any sort of slant underneath your foot and just makes it so that you have a more comfortable feel. You’re feet can take it for a lot longer time. You are going to get the highest end of Burton’s rachets. It’s just going to slide really nice and easy. Easy glide, dual component and you are going to get one of the highest end straps for Burton. It looks really minimalistic, because it doesn’t have much going on, but it is definitely a comfortable strap that goes over the front of your heels. You’re also going to get the Get A Grip cap strap, which goes over your toes. Get A Grip, because it pretty much grips all the way down through there, so you are not going to have to worry about it slipping up and over. With the toe strap, it’s really nice, because it brings your toe down and into the binding and it makes it so there is a lot faster response time and it’s just simply more comfortable overall. That’s the 2011 Burton CO2. Larges fit 10 and up and a medium will fit an 8 to a 10. I know that there are a couple different color ones as well, so definitely go ahead and check that out. Thanks a lot.

Burton CO2 EST Snowboard Bindings 2011

Burton CO2 EST Snowboard Bindings 2011


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