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There’s a wind prone torture section of the quad just above the crest of the first peak that always draws your shoulders right up to your ears. When you pull your jacket collar up over your face, the fleece interior gets damp and your goggles sometimes fog. We’ve all experienced this at one point or another. These days, snowboarding jackets often have extended collars that are intended to act as extra protection for your neck and face. Burton developed the Blowhole Collar, which allows your damp breath to dump out the collar. That way, your goggles won’t fog. Your jacket collar won’t get all wet and gross. Best of all, the vent won’t let the cold air creep in the jacket since it’s strategically placed on the sides of the collar with a slit, mesh opening. Bam! Take that cold lift rides. Check out Burton Snowboard Jackets for the life changing Blowhole Collar.

The Burton Blowhole Collar is a ventilation system that lets you breath easily without fogging goggles, icing up or overheating. When you dip your chin into the jacket’s collar to avoid the cold, your breath and condensation is channeled through the collar away from your face and goggles. Steady visibility through goggles can be key for someone riding all day.

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