Burton AK 2L Turbine Jacket Review

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Burton AK 2L Turbine Snowboard Jacket

The Burton AK 2L Turbine GORE-TEX jacket has two layers of GORE-TEX, it’s waterproof, it’s windproof, breathable and has a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Gortex is the top of the line. It is the Ferrari of material for snowboarding jackets. If you want to stay comfortable and dry all day long, having GORE-TEX like this is the Turbine jacket is a very, very good idea. The jacket has a lot of great features both on the outside and on the inside. So, not only is it waterproof, windproof and breathable, it’s very warm because of the Thermacore Insulation. It’s 100 grams of Thermacore on the chest and back areas of the body, and another 80 grams in the Articulated sleeves.

The sleeves are unique too because they have pow thumb holes. Every onĀ  ce in a while when you’re bent down strapping your bindings or grabbing your board in the air, your jacket will left up. The pow thumb holes stop that from happening. There of course are adjustable cuffs and an adjustable contoured hood; if you simply pull the straps on the back and front of the hood to tighten it up, you’re gonna have a great fit all day long. All the seams on the jacket are fully taped with GORE-SEAM tape. Now, you can have the best material in the world that makes the jacket, but if you microscopic holes where the stitching holds the pieces together, it’s not going to be totally water or windproof.That’s why Burton has fully taped over all its seams, which isa great addition that doesn’t add bulk or weight, and keeps you dry and warm. The outside of the jacket features a couple of pockets.

There’s a big chest pocket with zipper, plus two fleece-lined side pockets with the Waist Gaiter micro adjusters at the waistline of the coat. One side of the adjusters also has a key ring so you’re not searching for lost keys at the end of the day. You’ll also find another great weatherproofing feature on this jacket, the Riri AQUA zippers. They’re also windproof, waterproof and there’s no need for the storm flap because these zippers don’t need it with their meshed, interlocking diagonal teeth. On the inside there’s a huge media pocket. It’s big enough for a trail map, maybe your son or daughter would fit (just kidding), and there’s a media hole to run your headphone wires through, so they’re tucked inside and tangle-free. There’s also an integrated waistband called a snow skirt for Burton pants that connect the two together. If you don’t have Burton pants , that’s okay, it’s removable or you can button it closed anyway for a little security. I’d suggest always keeping in on because if you happen to fall, it helps keeps snow from getting under your jacket and down your pants as well. Of course, there’s also the clear stash pocket for you season pass. Overall, this Burton jacket has a lot of great technology. It’s two layers of GORE-TEX, has a lot of Thermacore, is well-insulated, has the Riri zippers, and a sick fit that’s right in the middle (not too baggy, not too snug)…the Burton 2L Turbine snowboard jacket the pow thumbs. Thumbs up!


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