Burton AK 2L Cyclic Gore-Tex Jacket

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Burton AK 2L Cyclic Gore-Tex Jacket

This is a two layer Cyclic Snowboard Jacket from Burton Snowboards. It is part of the AK series meaning this jacket is very, very extreme. It has GORE-TEX in it, actually two layers of GORE-TEX. If you don’t know what GORE-TEX is, it is the most waterproof, windproof, and breathable material pretty much known to the snowboarding world. If you want to stay dry and if you want to stay comfortable this is going to be a jacket that has a lot of great features and GORE-TEX that you want to enjoy snowboarding. Besides the great GORE-TEX, there are a lot of cool other things as well. There are the classic cuffs that are adjustable. The pit zips which are adjustable if it gets a little bit too warm. There is a contour shaped hood that is adjustable. Depending on what size your head is you can make it fit absolutely perfect. There is a chain free collar and a couple of pockets as well. There is one chest pocket and then two little side pockets. The side stomach pockets are actually fleece lined to keep your hands nice and toasty. There are elastic enclosures as well with a keyring on the left side. Definitely keep your keys on this so you won’t lose them.

All of the seams on this jacket are fully taped, meaning that every time that there’s a stitch through the material, attaching two different materials, it is backed with the GORE-TEX 3M 13mm tape. That means no water is going to get through those seams like a lot of the other jackets on the market. On the inside of the jacket you will see that there is a layer of protection with the RiRi zippers. The RiRi AQUAzips resist wind, resist water, and it is pretty much impossible for the weather to actually get through those zippers. That is great because most of the times jackets that don’t have storm flaps just have regular zippers that the wind penetrates through but not with the RiRi zippers. On the insider there is a small media pocket. Actually, it’s not very small – you could probably put a car in there. There is a headphone jack as well. The headphone wires can slip through the slit and you have your wires hanging on the inside of your jacket instead of on the outside of your jacket. There is an ALS lining system in this jacket. There is not very much insulation but that’s okay because this is a shell and you can always layer it up with some of Burton’s other layering systems. There is a nice jacket to pant in your race with the snow skirt but if you don’t have Burton pants, don’t worry about it. You can just attach it like I have. You can just unbutton it if you like. If you don’t even like the powder skirt you can just take it off. Powder skirts are great because they keep the snow out of your jacket when you fall and they keep the wind out when you’re riding the trail. There is also a flash pass pocket for your season passes. Overall I think this jacket is great. It has some really cool colors. It is a Burton 2L Cyclic GORE-TEX jacket with two layers and a lifetime guarantee. So if anything goes wrong with manufacturer defects, you can send it back to Burton. They can fix it for you or they will just send you a brand new Burton 2L Cyclic.


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