Burton Gas Pedal Technology

Burton is the creator of the snowboard binding as we know it today. Back in the day, bindings didn’t even have a highback. Leave it to Burton to come up with revolutionary functions and features that make their bindings the best on the market. The adjustable gas pedal has been around for over a decade and makes a world of a difference. It wasn’t too long ago that the adjustable gas pedal was only offered in high end bindings. Guess what? Now it’s on every model of Men’s and Women’s bindings. Why? Because it makes the world of a difference for true comfort and performance.

The adjustable gas pedal allows the toe portion of the baseplate to extend outward, catering to larger feet.  If you’re toes are hanging off the edge of your binding too much, get ready for some serious toe drag, less power on your toe side turns and maybe a few face plants. Seriously, though. The adjustable gas pedal really does add to the “all that” factor on Burton bindings.

One of our team’s favorite adjustable features, Burton Gas Peddals, are extendable ramps that let you heighten toe/edge response while reducing the dreaded affects of toe drag.

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