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Remember when Mom used to dress you in the thickest jacket for winter? The “Mom Test” really doesn’t hold true anymore. Whether waiting for the bus, walking to class or tearing through the trees, a warm, compressible winter jacket with less bulk is where it’s at these days. As far as snowboarding goes, what a drag it’d be to feel restricted when  launching a huge Japan Air. Burton came up with an incredible solution through a blend of 3M™  Thinsulate™, which is a high loft insulation made of compressible microfibers that keep you warm. Compared to any synthetic (non-down) insulation, it’s truly one of the best. Guys, pick your poison – Arctic Jacket, Breach JacketFaction Jacket, Groucho Jacket, Hackett Jacket2L Gore-Tex® Highland Jacket, Highlife AnorakPoacher Jacket, Squire Jacket. Ladies, have at it – Delerium Jacket, Elenor JacketJetset Jacket, Logan Jacket, Method Jacket, Penelope Jacket , Prism Gore-Tex Jacket or  Scarlet Jacket.

Burton team riders require ultimate mobility and comfort in all conditions. With 3M, Burton found a progressive solution through a blend of 3M™ Thinsulate™  , an insulation constructed from unique, hi-loft microfibers for increased warmth with less bulk. Breathable, water resistant and durable, it’s proving there’s substance to the cliche, “less is more.”

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