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Best Polarized Sunglasses
Once you have your own set of polarized shades, you’ll never go back. The reduced glare from quality polarized sunglasses is absolutely amazing. It also reduces eye strain and headaches, increases safety while driving and enhances overall clarity in the sun. You can learn more about what polarized sunglasses are here.

Why are Polarized Sunglasses Better?
Polarized sunglasses were first created by Ray Ban in the 1930’s for pilots. As anti-glare aviator sunglasses, they were had a specific shape that gave the pilot optimum shade from the sun as previous designs allowed some light in when the pilot looked down at their instrument panel. Polarized sunglasses were initially given to only the pilots as part of their uniform. A year later, they were available to the general public. Polarized sunglasses are better because they work! Since then, polarized lenses pretty much became the norm for fisherman and waterman to reduce glare from the water. Over the years, more and more people began realizing the benefits and spending a few extra bucks for years of comfort and optimum clarity. Today, there are dozens of brands that offer polarized lenses with frames, colors and styles to suit any preference.
Polarized sunglasses help reduce glare that is common with most outdoor activities. They contain a special filter that blocks a surface’s reflective light (or glare), making objects easier to see and reducing eye strain. Even for people who are sensitive to light, polarized sunglasses are thought to be more comfortable on the eyes because of their glare reduction.

How Do Polarized Sunglasses Work?
Imagine standing on the lake shore, looking out at a perfectly calm water on a sunny day. Light waves from the sun Womens Sunglassesbounce and reflect light from the water in every direction. Polarized light is reflected light that is organized in one horizontal plane. The glare of the sun reflects off the water in every direction making it hard to look at the water without squinting or  wearing sunglasses. In other words. the glare off the lake’s surface is light that cannot penetrate the ocean’s surface and is reflected. In addition to water, this same reflection happens with snow, roads and other shiny, bright and reflective surfaces.

Polarized sunglasses have vertically oriented polarizing filters embedded in or applied onto the sunglasses lens. These filters screen the light and neutralize the horizontal reflection. Microscopic openings in the filter allow only part of the light to pass through so you can see. The film on the lens absorbs everything else. In other words, the most intense light is completely blocked and the glare will be muted significantly.

Are Polarized Sunglasses Worth the Extra Cost?
Trust us on this one. Polarized sunglasses might look like a $25 pair of shades, so why pay more? Technology, increased Mens Sunglassescomfort on the eyes, durability and performance are what set polarized sunglasses apart. Pick up a pair of $25 and and pair of polarized sunglasses. Which ones do you think will still feel strong, have functioning arms and be nearly scratch free in five years? OK, so maybe you don’t spend much time on a boat or do much driving. Or maybe you’re only in 5th grade and tend lose everything. An inexpensive, casual pair might be all that you need. If you spend any decent amount of time outside, however, or partake in activities like cycling, running or boating, polarized sunglasses are worth every penny!


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