2011 Artec Gabe Taylor Snowboard Review

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Artec Snowboards, Snowboard Bindings, Men's, Women'sArtec Gabe Taylor. Gabe Taylor has been riding as a professional athlete for so long. I remember looking up to him when I was a little kid. Now, I grew, I’m kind of tall and I still look up to him, if that makes sense. Anyway, this is altering, freestyle, directional, blunted board. Gabe does everything. He hits backcountry booters, he hits the half-pipes, he hits rails, and he does it very well and very smooth. I think it was the first decade; he does this back one method that is absolutely unreal. I’m pretty sure it was Gabe. It was my brother’s favorite rider and one of my favorite riders of all time. This has a Di-Tec sidewall. It’s a dual density sidewall and you can see in the colors here that there are softer sidewalls towards the nose of the tail, for a buttery-soft flex. It has classic ABS sidewalls in between the feet, for a nice stiffness. I believe they are at 30 degrees. I love the dual density sidewalls that Artec has. The core is an ISO Tec core laminates aspen woods that run tip to tail and keep this thing at a consistent feel. The glass is a Nor-Tec maximum, structural, integrity fiber glass the ISO Tec wood core. It has great flex. It also holds great torsion. The base is a Delta Tec Base. It’s ultra high molecular mass base that holds a great amount of wax, because Gabe likes to go fast when he goes big. The shape of course is going to be a Hyper Tec Camber shape. Yes, it is a Camber board. I like that. I think a lot of more experienced riders enjoy the Camber boards; I do. It is a twin board and it is directional at the same time. It has a twin shape but they call it a directional board because the stance is set back ten millimeters. The flex rating in Artec has a 2.5, so it’s going to be right around the middle and Tec features are a three star rating. Go check this board out, go watch Gabe Taylor, watch his new stuff, watch his old stuff, he’s been around forever. He likes riding good boards and this is one of them: Artec Gabe Taylor.


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