Am I Goofy or Regular? Finding Out Your Natural Snowboarding Stance

Team Icelantic gettin’ goofy

One of the first things you must know when you start snowboarding is what stance you are. There are a couple simple ways to find out.

Snowboarding stance means which foot you will be riding with in front at the nose of your board. There are two different kinds of stances, regular stance and goofy foot.

The difference between goofy stance and regular stance is which direction you will be facing. Simply put, regular stance is riding with your left foot in front and goofy stance is with your right foot in front.

Regular stance with left foot in front


Goofy foot with right foot in front. Goofy and Regular riders will be facing opposite directions when riding down hill

It’s important to find out your natural stance right away. You will pick up snowboarding much faster if you do. Many riders have started out with the wrong stance and realized later on that the control they need of their board comes more naturally facing the other way.

The aim is for your dominant foot to be in back. When snowboarding your dominant back foot will do most of the power steering, while your less dominant front foot will be for balance and direction.

To find out if you are regular or goofy footed try standing naturally with your eyes closed and your weight equally on both of your feet. Then have a friend or family member push you gently on your back and see which foot you naturally put out to stop from falling forward. That foot will be the front foot on your snowboard.

House Tip: Try not to anticipate the push from behind too much. You want to find out which foot is the most instinctual for your body. Everyone is different, so just because you and your buddy do everything together and he rides regular (left foot forward) doesn’t mean you will too.

Another fun way to find out is to put on your socks and find a super slippery polished floor. Take a running start into a slide (think Tom Cruise style in Risky Business). Whichever foot you put out first to control the slide and your balance is your front foot.

Now that you know you’re regular or goofy it’s time to set up that board and ride! Here is an article to get you started setting up your snowboard.

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  1. “When snowboarding your dominant back foot will do most of the power steering”
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