Visionary film director Ty Evans came up through the skateboard game. But, these days he has a studio that churns out special projects and advertising campaigns for big corporations, yet he hasn’t forgotten his roots. Ty Evans, for those of you that have never sat through the credits after a skate video (its polite to do so, especially when at the premiere BTW), is the brainchild behind many of your favorite Girl skateboards and Lakai films like Yeah Right! and Fully Flared.

His next project after the pair of award-worthy skate videos already notched on his bedpost was to dive into the world of 3D moviemaking. He recruited industry standard RED cameras and a new one called the Phantom that allows for Ty’s trademark super slow-mo shots. To get the most out of the 3D action, the crew built a whole forested wonderland at a Hollywood studio, using some magic to take the streets to the woods.

Unbeleafable features the skating of Eric Koston, Kenny Anderson, Elijah Berle, Chico Brenes, Justin Eldridge
, Chris Roberts, 
Raven Tershy
, Jeron Wilson, Shane O’Neill
 and more. You can watch it on your computer, unless you have the 3D TV hookup, in which case by all means go big. Do yourself a favor and get the glasses though, it’s definitely worth your while. We just went down to the magazine rack and lifted some out of a nudie mag, 3D porn is huge right now, and we officially condone neither of the previous statements, but nice work on this one Mr. Evans, can we get a full length next?


WATCH IT IN FULL COLOR (Active Shutter or Passive Polarized 3D Glasses)
Connect a 3D TV or 3D monitor to your computer to watch full color 3D.
1. Connect your computer to the 3D TV or monitor using your HDMI or DVI cable.
2. Click on the 3D button
3. Put on your glasses and hit play!

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  1. […] KROOK3D 3D features the skating of the legendary Mark Gonzales, Dan Drehobl, Bobby Worrest, Mike Anderson, Brad Cromer, David Clark, and Luke Croker. No special sets or props like the Girl video, but a progressive team video that was shot in 3D and presented that way. Need some 3D glasses? You can make them at home, or hit the magazine rack a la our method used on Monday. […]

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