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starboard-whopper-slickAhhh….the Whopper 10′. Like it’s name implies, a rather large board, the Whopper is an extremely stable board built to go anywhere. For a board it’s size, (34” x 10′)  it’s incredibly agile. Even in choppy water, paddling in a straight line will feel like you’ve mastered the art of tight rope walking. It will power through white water and other difficult conditions. The Whopper boasts good directional stability for a board of it’s length. Keep your eye where you want to go and envision those slashes the waves,  hitting the white water or just paddling across the lake – this board can take you there. It turns very well on the spot for a board of it’s size. Adding to the fun, it’s wide nose makes it nearly impossible to nose dive the Whopper in the surf, so beginners will have the time of their life learning to catch waves (and succeeding!). For Sunday Funday with the family, the Whopper is excellent for taking your dog or 5-year old for a paddle. Hey, maybe both!

The nose has a mono concave construction leading to flat in the mid section, accelerating into a generous amount of V in the tail to promote lift, control and maneuverability. The Whopper is a board that defies it’s proportion. If you want to cheat gravity, this is the board for you.


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