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Recon Forum twin-shaped board for the person that doesn’t want to break the bank, but still kill it on the deck. This thing isn’t going to hold you back whatsoever, and you’re still going to have some money to buy some food and pay rent, and your mom and dad won’t be pissed if they buy it for your birthday or for Christmas. This is a twin-shaped board with a Flex of about a four. It has a poplar laminate wood core from tip to tail. So the thing’s going to stay light. It’s going to stay stiff. It has Biax fiberglass. The fiberglass range runs 90 degrees and at 0 degrees on both the top and on the bottom of the core.

The additions are a stiffer tail.¬† So no matter how hard you push this board, this thing’s always going to have quite a bit of stiffness on the tail. It’s going to be able to pop you high over those cones and over those barrels. The base is what is called a free base. It’s going to be low maintenance. It’s going to be easy to wax. You can ride it in the parking lot. You can ride it on the snow. This is the Recon Forum snowboard. It’s been around for a while. Go find it at your nearby shop. The House.

The Recon Forum snowboard is kind of meant to be an all around charger board. It’s great for somebody getting their first deck or even somebody that just wants a nice soft board for beginning. It’s a really playful, fun board. It is the least expensive board that we have in the forum line, but it doesn’t mean that we’re skimping on anything here. There is still a full wood core; tip to tail. It has a nice free base,that ¬†holds wax well, and is easy to repair. The board will still keep you moving down the hill even when it does get scuffed up. This board is camber board, as you can see, so you’re going to get that aggressive response out of it. It is really easy to weight this thing down, get it flexing, and get that energy transfer back — which is the nice thing about camber. It is a twin like board so it does have a little bit different nose and tail profile. The only thing that does differentiate that is the insert pack is set back a little bit so it is a twin shape with a setback insert pack. That is a little bit easier for beginning riders to initiate and link turns together when they are set back a little bit. It does have bi-axle glass so it is soft. You are going to have a real good, playful, buttery kind of skate feel with this board.


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