2011 K2 WWW Rocker Snowboard Review

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K2 Snowboards

The K2 World Wide Weapon and this is a baseline jib rocker board, which means that it has 20 percent rocker on the nose and on the tail and it is about 80 percent flat in between the bindings. Its construction is the jib tip which means that you can actually ride five centimeters smaller. The sidecut radius is pretty cool, its called the hyper progressive sidecut radius which means its easy going into turns and its a little bit more aggressive when you’re going throughout your turns. It has a center stance, which is nice because it is a twin board. The core construction is what’s called a V1, which means its one piece from tip to tail. The fiberglass in the board is Biax, which means there’s two layers of fiberglass that has been woven on top and on bottom of the core. One of my favorite features about this deck is it has a P-tex top sheet. Its pretty cool. I don’t know if you guys can see that close, but its pretty rad. The base has a 2000 extruded base. It’s going to be a base that your going to want to maintain as much as possible and there is a 3 degree base bevel on that edge so you don’t catch up on rails. This is the K2 World Wide Weapon you should definitely check it out. I know a lot of heavy hitters ride this thing. Thats it.

Hey, I’m Brian Ranko with K2 Snowboards, and we’re taking a look at the K2 World Wide Weapon. This is in our Progression line. It is a total true twin-tip snowboard, really kind of aimed towards, really, that terrain park, the urban-style type riding. It is a true twin, true stance. It offers our Jib Rocker, so it is totally flat underneath the bindings, and then has rocker underneath on the tip and the tail. For your terrain park snowboarder, what that’s going to offer you is, the rocker on the tip and the tail is going to give you a lot of maneuverability, a lot of noodliness and playfulness. But then, having it flat underneath the foot gives you not only hard snow stability, but if you’re sliding down rails or anything, it gives you a really nice and consistent sliding down on some of those rails. It also offers our Jib Tip, which allows you to size the snowboard 5 centimeters shorter. What that’s going to give you is, you have all the stability, the weight range that you need, with that really low swing-weight that you need around the tip and the tail. And then, also, a kind of fun and unique thing about it is, it’s a P-text top sheet on here too. All these are just little die-cuts, it’s like a big puzzle piece. And why we do that is for two reasons. One, it gives all of the boards kind of a unique color. And then, since it’s kind of a puzzle piece, it also reduces waste of material. The WWW, for the park guys and the urban guys.




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