We’re taking a look at K2 Raygun Snowboard. This is a snowboard in our Atlas Series Snowboard. Just meaning that it’s a slightly directional snowboard with a binding shifted back just made to be in an all mounting cruiser board. You can take it from the peaks to the parks. But just a little bit more free ride orientated.

The Raygun has 10 strips of carbon running all the way through that board to make it hold really nice on groomers, gives that board a lot of snap. It also offers our all-terrain rocker which is flat between the feet and then rocked up on the tip and the tail.

This gives a rider for this snowboard, is a lot of stability underneath foot. A lot of hard snow performance and then the rocker on the tip and the tail just make it nice and forgiving. Very maneuverable. Quick through the trees. A little bit more float on the powder. That’s the Raygun Snowboard.

K2 Raygun Part II

This K2 has all terrain baseline construction. Seventy-five percent flat in between the feet. Thirty percent up like a rocker on the nose and the tail. Second radius is called a twin hyper progressive. The twin shape even though its stance is set back three quarters of an inch. The sidecut is nice and smooth going into turns. In the middle of turns, it’s very aggressive.

You won’t lose an edge. The K2 Raygun‘s core is a WH1 core. Inside this baby, one piece of wood. Nothing more. Nothing less. The glass inside is called Biax fiberglass. It’s a sandwich construction of the core with two pieces of fiberglass on the top and on the bottom. And what’s great about that kind of fiberglass is also the IJC10 fiberglass. If you don’t know what that is, it’s integrated carbon glass. So, inside of the normal fiberglass, you’re going to have strings of carbon fiber. Which is really great. Keeps it light. Keeps it snappy. And it has a 2000 extruded base.

You won’t have to maintain this thing too much, which is good. So if you’re a crazy park rat you won’t… I suppose you don’t do that anyway. The edges have a three degree edge bevel. If you don’t know what that is, research it. Maybe we’ll do another video, I don’t know. If you ride jibs, you want a lot of edge bevel so you don’t catch up on it. On any rails. This thing is the most bang you’re going to get for your buck. Great fiberglass. Awesome shape. Check it out The K2 Raygun.


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