2011 K2 Haymaker Snowboard Boots

This is K2 Haymaker. This thing is revolutionizing and game changing the speed lace system. Not only does it have the normal speed lace, it also has the Conda. The Conda Clutch is an internal lace lining system. Inside the liner there is a lace that tightens from the outside of the boot. So if you are walking around and your boots are too tight you can loosen the internal liner with this. The liner is a an Intuition Comfort-Foam 3D liner, so this is going to remember what your foot is like. It breaks in easy its going to feel goo right out of the box. It has a low profile also, so you are going to feel the board you’ll feel the snow contours a little more because there is a lot less material between the bottom of your foot and the board. The foot bed inside is EVA insole and the liner fit is amazing. Inside the liner they have custom moldable j bars. J bars are small pieced of foam inserts that go around your ankle for a nice, tight fit. It has a 3D tongue. The boot flex is about a 4 so it’s a little bit softer on a scale from 1-10. Check these boots out, it’s a game changing speed lace system, from K2.


Hey, I’m Brian with K2 and we’re taking a look at the K2 Haymaker snowboard boot. The Haymaker is a very affordable boot from K2, offering some pretty neat features. It has our Intuition Comfort Foam, heat-moldable liner on the inside, very lightweight and it’s very warm. K2 Haymaker also has our Fast-In system on the front of the boot (instead of a standard lace system); basically this means it’s just a one-pull movement to open it up. You just pull it out of the thing, pull the laces out, and then it’s super easy to get in and out of. To get in, you just pull that puppy straight up and it cranks you down in there nice and tight. Then for the liner system, instead of a standard lace on the liner, we offer our analog conduit system. So basically, you just pull this on the other side and it tightens the liner from the inside of the boot while giving you nice control and easy access from the outside of the boot. It’s a very comfortable feature that gives you a lot of heel hole and it’s just nice and convenient. This is the K2 Haymaker.


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