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So, a binding is there on your board to translate what you’re telling your board you want it to do. Something that we’ve struggled with in the past is getting something that’s comfortable, yet translates that information really well. The inherent design flaw was that you always had something hard and rigid inside a soft textile upper. So, when you want to create a more comfortable boot, you have to sacrifice support and durability. When you want to create something that’s more durable and more supportive, you have to sacrifice comfort. So, what Hyperlite has done is uncoupled the design. They have done this by moving the structure, the skeleton, to the outside.

It really marks the dawn of an era of new wake footwear. Hyperlite is not building plastic boots and bindings anymore. We’re building true footwear, specific for our sport and our application and our needs. It allows us to have the comfort of wearing just a really nice, comfortable boot, and step into your binding. It’s a new age. Something so brand new and so innovative that the wakeboard market’s never seen anything like this. And I kind of equate it to that leap when we went from sandal bindings to the very first rubber bindings. The board control and the improvement in that area that you felt was amazing. And the first time I rode the system, that’s what I felt. I had toe and heel control like I’ve never had on a board before. I felt so many different characteristics that I haven’t felt yet in my board, and it was crazy. It was amazing. I’ve never felt board control like that before. It literally made some of the tricks I was doing feel easier. I was really excited for that because of where I feel I can take my riding. Because of something we came up with. I have trouble with wake to wake toe nines, and I got on these boots. Wake to wake toe nines were easy for me, because of my consistent takeoff on the top of the wake. Once you’re in the binding, you feel like you have more control than you would ever have. You’re so locked down and so tight that you’re almost like part of the board, the binding now. At the cable, you take a bale, two ratchets, you add your bindings, walk back in boots. The most comfortable way to get back to the dock; you feel like you’re wearing your shoes. I’m running back past people, and they’re like, “Does that kid have his bindings on?” Yeah. I’ve got my boots on. It’s really cool to see everyone’s reaction when they first see it. It’s something totally different that we’ve never had in the industry before. It’s the ultimate in design: fit, function, durability, and, most importantly, performance. It’s what our athletes have been asking for. It’s what the industry needs. We’ve done it. We’ve gotten a better translation of what you want the board to do, because you have a better connection. Over the next five years, we’re going to see a new standard in high-end wakeboard bindings. It’s turned out so well. The boots are super comfortable, the bindings are awesome. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I definitely think it’s going to be a game-changer for this industry and it’s sick. I mean, I’m stoked to be riding it, and I’m glad we were the first ones to come out with it. We’ve really stepped things up by getting ourselves attached to the board in a better way.


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  1. Patrick September 15, 2011 at 2:15 pm - Reply

    I just got my Murray System Bindings and rode them for the first time yesterday. I have moved on from some CWB zeus open toe and Liquid Force Vantage LTDs. These are incredibly comfortable compared to the other two. Control is definitely stepped up. And they look totally sick! I ride behind a boat mostly and the easy on easy off is definitely convenient for both cable or boat riding. I’m weary of the durability of the binding rachet straps but I feel like they will out perform my expectations. Hope this helps and yes (if you’ve been riding for awhile) it does make riding seem easier due to the increased feeling of control. I waited until the price dropped to get mine, Go Big!

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