2011 Forum Youngblood Chillydog Snowboard Review

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Andrew here with Forum Snowboards. Here to talk about the Forum Youngblood Chillydog. This Year we added Chillydog with pop, so we kind of talked about this from some other models and you might have already seen the video with Chillydog Pop. But basically Chillydog with Pop is the continuous arc under foot with a pop zone from contact point back to the inserts. It gives you a little more ollie power. The contact points lifted off the snow are more forgiving. Take offs, landings – a little bit more playful feel. This board is big and bold. Forum F on the base. Definitely for the kid that wants to get noticed – kind of that loud kid in your group, riding that park everyday. That’s what it’s meant for. Just taking park laps. Of course you can ride any board anywhere on the mountain, but that is kind of where this board is meant to be. Free base is going to retain wax real nice. Usually maintain if you do get some dings from rail shots or whatever. Gnar core, so full wood core tip to tail. Greenbelt technology in there, so you have the grain of the wood going at a 45 degree angle with the length of the snowboard, 4 x 2 insert pack. Swinger’s Club on this, which is that the profile of the core is milled out a little bit, which cuts down on swing weight. Other than that, that is about all we’ve got in here for the guts. One of the most popular boards that we have. Just a good board where anybody can hop on and immediately feel comfortable on it.


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