2011 Forum Faction Snowboard Bindings Review

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Forum Snowboards, Snowboard Boots, Bindings, Jackets & PantsThis is the Forum Faction Binding. Yes, it’s two different colors, but this is the same set of bindings. When you buy these, you get one green one and you get one blue one. (They also come in black) These are pretty much bombproof and indestructible. They have a lot of great technology. The discs that go inside of these base plates are called the Forum multi-discs. So if you want to wear these boots, or wear these bindings on 3D inserts, or you want to wear them on 2D, 4D, 8D or whatever , these are going to work on any kind of board. It even works with the Burton Slider Systems.

Forum has done a lot of great things. The corporate level, of course, is going to be very, very high. They have EV foot beds on the base plates and also adjustable cap straps, or adjustable toe ramps for additional acceleration. It has form-fitting real wrap on the high backs as well, so you’re going to be very, very comfortable on the high backs and on the foot bed. The ankle straps are called the bubble strap. They’re a little bit thicker than the average binding, and they’re 3D moldable. They’re going to be a little bit thinner on the inside or in the middle of the ankle strap, causing you to feel less boot bunch, sock bunch, and everything bunched. That causes your feet to go numb when you have a lot of bunching going on.

They also have the traditional throw-down toe straps. Not traditional, but newly traditional toe straps. So then it’ll go actually on top of your foot and go on the front of your foot. It’s kind of great because they hollowed it out and put some neoprene material, so it actually flexes a little bit. So when you crank down these great ratchets, it’ll bold you out a little bit, but that means it’s nice and tight.

Now, the base plate material is pretty interesting. Forum is one of the only companies that combines both nylon composite fiberglass base plates with Aircraft caliber aluminum in what they call a heel loop instead of a heel cup. They add the best of both worlds, the strength of aluminum and the flexibility of nylon. It’s a cool looking binding. It has a lot of toolless adjustments. You can adjust the high back here. Toolless, which is great for all those people who don’t like a lot of forward lean. There’s also the toolless toe ramp. This is the Forum Faction. Cool colors. Awesome binding. Check it out.


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