2011 DC MLF Snowboard Review

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This DC MLF Snowboard is an actual camber board, it’s one of the only camber boards in the DC line this year. It has six millimeters of camber. If I were to set this thing flat – you would see six millimeters of lift under the center of the board, this provides you with tons of pop. It has a side cut radius to flat shape. So there’s a nice smooth side cut radius and the nose and tail are nice and flat. So if you’re going to be riding powder this thing is going to be able to help you kick around and ollie up.

The stance options are very, very big on this thing – 25 and a 1/2 inches if you want to get dirty on this, 25 1/2 inches, wow. I’m 6’4″, I don’t even ride 25 and a half inches. I ride, like, 17. The core inside is an impact poplar core but it also has ash wood additives. So, vertical laminate, poplar wood tip to tail. And then under the bindings, in four different strips, there’s going to be ash wood that help absorb impact and create a lot more pop when you’re flexing this thing.

DC MLF Snowboard



It has a carbon quadrax glass inside, so there’s four directions of glass that sandwich that poplar impact core, and it also has carbon fiber inside of the glass so it’s going to be a little bit safer than your average deck. One of my favorite things about this board is this base. It’s got 7200 sintered supreme base. This thing is going to be fast. You can wax it every once in a while, it’s going to absorb wax, it’s going to hold on to wax, it’s going to stay fast no matter what. Besides that, DC used a structurn base, so it has laser etched dimples on the base – kind of like a golf ball – it reduces friction and helps you go a lot faster than you normally would. It’s about a rating of a 7 on the stiffness scale. Let’s test. Yep, that’s about a 7. It has one ball G. Factory wax. It’s going to be fast right when you peel the wrapping off. Cool graphic. DC MLF Snowboard. Designed at the mountain lab.


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