2011 Capita Quiver Killer Snowboard Review

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The 2011 Capita Quiver Killer. This board does it all. It’s called the ATAV: All terrain attack vehicle. It’s a directional sheet board with a centered stance. It has what’s called an SS select core. It’s 100 percent poplar wood from tip to tail with a smooth, consistent flex for whatever you want to do on a snowboard. The fiberglass inside inside is called a form 6 fiberglass. It has bilex fiberglass on the top and bottom floor and it has two strips of carbon Kevlar fabric additive from tip to tail to keep this thing stiff and light. The base is a high-transparent extruded base. The flex is a little on the stiffer side; it’s a 7 out of a 1-10 rating. One of my favorite things about this board is that Transworld named it one of the top five boards of 2008 and 2009 for the half-pipe, and that my friends is the 2011 Capita Quiver Killer.


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