2011 Byerly Blunt Review

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For 2011, Byerly came up with a brand new board called the Blunt. Byerly Blunt has a lot of features of the best boards in the past. We brought a really cool rocker line back from the Monarch with a real small flat spot, more of a limited three stage; with a lot of fast thriller responsive rocker, running out the tip. We added for the first time in a lot of years with a Byerly, a spine to the Blunt as well. The Byerly has a real slight eighth inch spine, makes the border land very soft. Get on a rail really easy. It also incorporates something brand new for the Byerly. The Byerly Blunt comes with removable beams. It’s going to be the first board in the market we’ve done with removable beads and it also gives you an option. The beams of the Byerly Blunt will either be able to run a half inch from the tail to track a little bit more or, they’ll be able to move in to an inch and a half off the tail to give you a little bit more release off the tail of the wake and a littler looser ride. Byerly Blunt also has the option to be able to ride fins, if you choose. So, it’s going to be a real versatile board. With this, the Byerly Blunt is also going to be a great cable board. It will be one of the first boards we’ve had that you can actually ride and in the cable and in the park with no fins or beams at all, if you choose. Also for the Byerly Blunt, we left a very wide tip profile for this board, mimicking more of what the Monarch outline is. This wide tip profile gives you maximum pop off the wake. At the same time, it also runs a little bit more of that straight wall. We came up with a conspiracy that lets you hold your board on edge. For the Byerly Blunt, we also came up with a brand new glass construction this year. The Byerly Blunt incorporates a carbon fiber keg ware sidewall that wraps around the whole perimeter of the board. It makes the side wall of this board nearly indestructible. You’ll see some photos of Scott Byerly jibbing the rocks earlier today with this board. After hitting the rocks multiple times, there’s not one fracture around the rail or the perimeter of this board. This thing is nearly indestructible. What’s up guys! Erin Rathy here, holding the brand new 2011 Byerly Blunt. This board is a really fun board to ride just because you can do it so many different ways. You can either ride it with a removable beam, which is more like a mold-it-in fin and also, ride it finless on the cable if you want to hit rails and you know make it a little bit more slippery. You know, get a little bit of a buttery feel to it. You know, it’s also good in that aspect. It’s a got a really wide nose and tail, really wide belly, for good pop through the wave. And, land super soft with the new spine we created. For the new board, we also decided to bring back some originally Byerly flavor with a full-on tip to tail graphic. So, we spent a really long time this winter, you know product testing for the blunt. We wanted to make something that was different throughout the whole line; had a lot of the similarities that we liked about our boards. Keno with the Blunt, it’s got removable beams, reinforced side wall, and just so many good features that you can kind of change up and ride it your own way. So, I think it’s a new breed of wakeboard. Something I’m proud of. You know, proud to put the Byerly name on and the rest of the crew as well. You should try the Byerly Blunt.


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