2011 Burton Love Review

Burton Love Snowboard

It’s part of the Galola series. It is a 4 in the feel rating which is a little bit less than the middle of course, which is a five. This is a camber shaped board, it’s a twin shape board and it has a twin shape flex. The core is a Super Fly II core, which is laminate woods that run tip to tail, and it also has dual zone EDG. That means that there is perpendicular wood to the laminate core that run on the edges in between the bindings.

It also has a negative profile meaning that, thicker in the middle, thinner in the nose and the tail, causes less swing rate.

It has dual density Triax fiberglass. They really beefed up the fiberglass in this, calls for quick snaps and high ollies. Fiberglass runs in three different directions, 45 degrees, negative 45 degrees, and zero degrees. And it also has a Sintered WFO, fast as hell base. That’s right, this thing is very porous and very slick. We would suggest maintaining the base and waxing it on a weekly basis if you ride more than two days a week.

The edges are the classic Grip and Rip edges, and the slantwalls, or the sidewalls are actually the 10-40 sidewalls. Basically they’re indestructible, they’re two different angles, fan’ freaking ‘tastic. The tip and tail have something called Flip Kick which is a nice flat surface that helps you get onto rails and do boxes and off of jumps very very smoothly. It also has what’s called Pro-tip.

Pro-tip is the minimization of material on the nose and the tail, that gradually reduces swing weight and weight overall in general in the board and it also has something called Stink Ink. Not sure what Stink Ink is, but we have been scratching and smelling this board all over and we still don’t know what it is. But anyway this is the Burton Love, if you love snowboarding you are going to love this board, so go check it out.

2011-Burton Love Snowboards

Today we’re talking about the infamous Burton Love 2011 Snowboard. Just a super solid deck, with a camber shaped board for those of you who love camber over the rocker. It’s really good for throwing it down in the park or destroy some rails and Boxes. It has a twin shaped, twin flex so it’s going to be symmetrical, front and back.

The cool thing about this Burton snowboards is you  get the infinite ride , which basically means that the board is already broken in. So the flex that you’ve got first day will be the same two years down the road, a flex level rating about four out of ten. So it’s still going to be a nice soft deck that has a little bit of substance behind it.  Also, a cool thing you get is you’re going to have the infinite channel system. It works really well with the EST bindings, if you want to go that route. So you can really fine tune and pretty much have an infinite amount of options for your stance, and really just make that as fine tuned as you want on that side of things. On top of that, we’re going to get a really nice, higher end base on this guy. It’s a centered WFO base on there for you guys. A super solid deck overall, base wise. I really like the graphic on that. And also, a nice thing about this on the base is it’s going to take a little more maintenance, but it will definitely hold a lot of wax for you. So, you’re able to go really fast on that side of things. On to that, it’s going to have the pro tip on there, pro tip and tail. So what it does is it lowers the swing weight so it eliminates a lot of the weight that’s coming in, in the nose and tail for you. So, you’re able to throw down and spins a lot easier and it just makes it so you feel like you’re riding a shorter deck. Everyone really likes the graphic on this deck, so that goes without saying on that side of things. But this is the Burton Love and you’ll fall in love with the deck.


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