2011 Burton Hail Snowboard Boots Review

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BuBurton Snowboards, Snowboard Bindings, Boots, Jackets, Pants, Hoodies, Fleece, Mitts, Gloves, Shirts, Polos, Backpacksrton Hail Snowboard Boot. It has a support rating of a 4. And you can pretty much bring the storm anywhere with this boot. It has a lot of cool liner features and even more shell features than normal.

The traditional lacing system has 2:1 power lacing ratio. When you tighten these things, they’re going to be a little tighter than normal, because of the power lacing system that it has. The liner is a flex two liner with one of my favorite features in the Burton line which is called a Rad Pad. There are two little Rad Pads right on top of the tongue, which gives a little more cushioning where your ankle strap goes, and where there’s a little more bunch in your boot.

It has the Flex Cuff for nice heel hold. It has velcro J-bar interface inside this beautiful thing. It also has the Tide Panel technology. Tide Panel technology lets you have a lot of medial and lateral flex, and a little bit more stiffness from edge to edge. It has Velcro liner enclosures, so your tongue’s not going to move around a lot, which is a great thing. And these things are completely heat moldable. I like how they go so high, you know sometimes you get a liner which doesn’t go as high as the shell of the boot. Well, this gives a lot of comfort when you’re railing in that heel side edge. That’s the flex 2 liner in the Burton Hail boot. The cushioning on this thing is pretty cool. It has a 270 degree air bag cushioning. It’s pretty much air technology. It covers 75% of the foot bed. It doesn’t get good until you see everything else. The shell of this has a lot of features. It has an articulated cuff, so, you have separation of movement with the top of the boot and the bottom of the boot. You won’t get very much bunching right about there, where that ankle strap goes. It has flex notches underneath the articulated cuff as well. It has Flex spine backstay with Stay-Puft Calf Capsule, NEW Stay-Puff Tongue, and NEW Super Grip Toe, so there’s more material added to the back. Again, you’ll be able to have medial and lateral flex, it’s going to be a little bit more stiff when you’re going back towards your heel edge or forwards towards your toe edge. This little padding back right there is actually called called Stay Puff calf capsule. It’s more air technology. When you’re leaning against your high back, you’re not going to get that pressure against your Achilles tendon or on the lower section of your calf, which is great. It also has super grip toe, so you’re going to have those little rubber spikes. So, when you’re hiking and digging your toes in trying to get up that cliff or walking up those stairs you’re not going to slip out very much. Not only are they comfortable with the 270 degree airbag sole, but they also have the ultra Cush park 2 foot bed. This is so soft. That’s the Burton Hail Boot. Support rating of a four. Check out this boot!


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