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I just dropped a Deuce, again! Dave here at the House, talking about definitely one of my favorite boots in the shop. What we’re looking at here is the Ride Deuce that’s been a super solid performer in their line for many years

now. How it got its claim to fame is by being extremely lightweight and very low in its volume. It’s definitely a really, really good boot for a person who’s got a bigger foot. It’s going to be about a size shorter than most other boots on the market.

Starting off, you’ve got a traditional Lace design. It does have the heel loops here, going into the back to give you a better heel hold on this one. Also, you’ve got just two quick hooks at the top rather than the three that’s in other boots, so it’s really, really quick and easy to get in and out of. From there, it’s got their new super light Blown Classic Sole with a really light weight rubber compound on this one. It’s got some ventilation. It’s actually pretty much integrated right with the mid-sole, which helps to reduce the weight of the boot.

That moves us to the interior. This one will have a really nice Lace Harness in the outer part of the boot itself versus the ones that have the laces only on the liner. It’s going to hold the liner and your foot back, inside the boot, giving you good heel hold versus having the laces on the liner where your liner can move a little bit up and down in the outer part of the boot. From there, you’ve got a 3D Molded Tongue as you do with all of the Ride boots that’s really, really good at conforming to your shin and the top of your foot. It’s not going to deform when you lace it tightly. Oh, an Articulating Cuff, too. It’s a little one on this boot, but it definitely helps the boots flex more like a hinge rather than munching or crimping right by that instep area. From there, moving to the Mobile Liner, definitely ones you’re going to see in the line of their freestyle oriented boots. It features Intuition Foam. It’s body heat active; or you can mold it in the shop, too. It works either way. I prefer to just wear mine around. I feel like that mellow molding gets it done a little bit better and gives it a little more time rather than shocking it.

You’ve got J Bars here. They’re going to give you really good heel support, throughout the life of the boot. At the top here, you’ve got the awesome Sock Styling; right along with the black and purple, that’s going to ensure this thing doesn’t make it until Christmas. You’ve got the Velcro on the tongue. They got rid of the power strap. It’s a lot quicker to get in and out of the boot and it keeps the tongue centered throughout the whole day. It’s very, very quick on the outs. On the inside here, you’ve got Comfy Fur and a Directional Knap panel in back that  is really going to keep your socks up and keep them from slipping down throughout the day. Ride does a really good job with their Achilles pockets for a very good heel hold in combination with the lacing technology on the outer and on the inner boot. You get super good heel hold on these. What you’re looking at on this one for Flex on the one-to-ten scale, probably rocking about a 4 to 5 definitely from their Mobility collection. So, it’s going to be for that discerning freestyler, anywhere from beginner to advanced, just one kick ass boot. The Ride Deuce snowboard boots!”


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  1. Rugby guy January 30, 2013 at 10:21 pm - Reply

    These boots are crap (read: very poor quality). I bought a new pair, wore them over 10-20 days of boarding, and one of the hooks where you thread the laces broke. Irreparable. Roll on the next new pair of boots, and goodbye to money badly spent.

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