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CTRL Wakeboards for men from The House are a quality choice for those who are looking to get out to the park this summer and start mastering new tricks. CTRL is a brand that is dedicated to creating quality wake gear that you can use season after season. They are the first cable park exclusive board brand in the world, and they design boards that are durable and meant to be taken to the next level. No matter your experience level, you are sure to find one of these CTRL wakeboards that matches your riding preference so that you can get on the water with confidence. We carry a variety of colors, sizes and styles to ensure that you will find a wakeboard that you love. This summer, take your skills one step further behind the boat or at the cable park with one of these men’s CTRL wakeboards.
CTRL Supreme Wakeboard
Size: 138cm, 142cm
$299.95 299.95
$500.00 (40% Off)
CTRL Line Wakeboard
Size: 136cm, 140cm
$199.95 199.95
$300.00 (33% Off)
CTRL Studio Wakeboard Womens
Size: 132cm
$176.95 176.95
$250.00 (29% Off)
CTRL Blueprint Wakeboard
Size: 136cm, 140cm, 144cm
$249.95 249.95
$400.00 (38% Off)
CTRL Vogue Wakeboard Womens
Size: 134cm
$176.95 176.95
$260.00 (32% Off)
CTRL Standard Wakeboard
Size: 134cm, 139cm
$176.95 176.95
$250.00 (29% Off)
CTRL Imperial Wakeboard
Size: 136cm, 140cm
$176.95 176.95
$280.00 (37% Off)
CTRL Scope Wakeboard
Size: 136cm, 140cm
$176.95 176.95
$260.00 (32% Off)
CTRL Blazer Wakeboard
Size: 137cm, 143cm
$176.95 176.95
$270.00 (34% Off)

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