Snowboard Reviews

Review: Burton Blender Snowboard


Dave here at the house. Burton Blender snowboard. Super, super sick snowboard for the women. What you are looking at, it’s got a slew of their new technologies going on in this snowboard. First off, you got the channel, definitely the biggest performance jump I’ve seen Burton make in my 22 years of riding. Got…


Review: Burton Poacher Snowboard Boots


Dave here at The House talking about the first snowboard boot in Burton’s park line. It’s the Burton Poacher snowboard boot. Very, very lightweight snowboard boot. Definitely got some cool skate style going on. I’ll start with the outer. What you’re looking at here is the traditional lace. One seams got the nylon to simulate…


Review: Burton Custom X Snowboard


Dave here at The House, talking about one of the best snowboards we have in the shop. Brand spanking new Burton Custom X snowboard. They did add the channel to it which is really, really nice. Now you can use it with the EST snowboard bindings; which is definitely going to revolutionize your snowboard feel,…


Review: Ride DH Snowboard


Dave here talking about the Ride DH snowboard. Definitely one of my favorite snowboards in the Ride lineup. It has got a ton of features on this one. First of all, you got a true twin, radial sidecut. It’s going to be definitely well balanced for spinning, jibbing, and goof around the side of the…


Review: Signal Vita Park Snowboard


Dave, here at The House, talking about the Signal Vita Snowboard. A really, really cool snowboard. Signal is definitely one of my favorite brands. We carry it in the shop for one simple fact. On the base, it has written, a “by hand, hand-made in the USA by Russ.” So, these things are made in…


Review: DC Journey Snowboard Boots


Right here is the DC Journey snowboard boot. This is the snowboard boot I would rock from them being that it is super awesome. But seriously, things that make is so awesome: first off, you’ve got double lasted sole definitely got a few different components going on into it. It’s going to keep it light…


Review: Capita The Quiver Killer Snowboard


Dave McCaul here at the House talking about the Capita Quiver Killer snowboard, this is one that hometown hero Dan Breezy rides when he’s in the back country. Definitely a firmer, more supportive, all terrain, back country, free style machine; definitely a work running laps through the park but not going to be the best…


Review: Flow Venus Snowboard


  Dave here at The House talking about the Flow Venus snowboard. This is an entry level to intermediate all mountain snowboard. It has a slightly directional shape, meaning that the nose is slightly longer than the tail – it’s pretty close to twin and you could definitely rock it twinned out. The Flow’s flex…


Review: Burton Jussi Snowboard


Dave here at The House, talking about the Burton Jussi snowboard, definitely one of the longest running models in the industry as far as the pro model goes. This snowboard’s kind of got a cult following around it, definitely really, really popular. Things to note on this one, it got a Super Fly II wood…


Review: Burton Feelgood ICS Snowboard


Dave here at the house talking about basically women’s custom. It’s a Burton Feelgood snowboard, super versatile, do anything type of snowboard. Very, very high-end construction on this one. It has the traditional camber going onto it. Still works really, really well. Makes them a little bit more powerful for turning. Definitely gives them more…