Snowboard Reviews

k2 Fastplant Snowboard Review


The K2 Fastplant This thing is almost unbelievable, honestly. So many cool features, so much great stuff, besides how rad it looks. The graphic was done by a great skateboard and snowboard artist named Don Pendleton. This board is going to be top-notch this year.  Snowboarders Best-Of-Test, 2011, also Snowboard Magazine’s Platinum Pick. This K2…


Academy Serenity Reverse Camber Snowboard Review

Academy Serenity Snowboard

Academy Snowboard The Academy Serenity is an awesome board, it has a great flex pattern, and it just rides like a champ in any turn. It’s pretty awesome overall, it’s a good board. Designed by women for women shredders. This board  ranked as one of the best boards on the market. Built to take punishment while…


Academy Team Snowboard Review

academy Team Snowboard

We’re here today standing in the snow talking about the Academy Team Snowboard. A few things that I like about it is it’s got a very fast base, sharp edges and a nice little graphic here.  It’s got a really good flex in it and then it kind of snaps back on you so that’s…


Review: Lib Tech TRS C2BTX


LIB TECH TRS C2BTX The name of this board line says it all:  Total Ripper Series. If you ever find a condition this board isn’t suited for, you’re probably riding on Mars. The combination of a winning design and tech that actually works make this board a an all around mountain master. SHAPE The TRS…


2011 K2 Darkstar Snowboard Review

K2 Darkstar

The K2 Darkstar has been in the K2 line for quite some time. Transworld snowboarding has rated it good wood for 2011, and good wood it is. It has flatline baseline technology, which means it is 100% flat; set it on the ground, it’s going to be laying flat. This is for the jibber out…


K2 Turbo Dream Snowboard Review

K2 Turbo Dream Snowboard

The K2 Turbo Dream. This thing is absolutely insane. It’s pretty much the Ferrari of the K2 line. The features are absolutely stunning. It has an all terrain rocker system, which means that’s it about 75% flat in between the bindings and about 30% up on the nose and on the tail. The construction is…


2011 K2 WWW Rocker Snowboard Review

K2 WWW Snowboard

K2 Snowboards The K2 World Wide Weapon and this is a baseline jib rocker board, which means that it has 20 percent rocker on the nose and on the tail and it is about 80 percent flat in between the bindings. Its construction is the jib tip which means that you can actually ride five…


K2 Raygun Snowboards Review – 2011

k2 raygun

We’re taking a look at K2 Raygun Snowboard. This is a snowboard in our Atlas Series Snowboard. Just meaning that it’s a slightly directional snowboard with a binding shifted back just made to be in an all mounting cruiser board. You can take it from the peaks to the parks. But just a little bit…


k2 Anagram Snowboard Review

k2 anagram

K2 Anagram Snowboard Did you know that the K2 has been around since 1987. That’s pretty rad, I didn’t know that. This is an Anagram Board. It has the catch-free technology, which means 95 percent of this board is flat. 5 percent of it, on the nose and on the tail, have a little bit…


2011 K2 Slayblade Snowboard Review

K2 Slayblade

K2 Snowboards Hey, I’m Brian with K2 and we’ll be taking a look at the K2 Slayblade. The Slayblade is one of our higher end, free-ride, all-mountain dominator boards. It is a true twin snowboard with a slight shift in back-stance just to make it a little bit better for on the free ride side…