Review: Rossignol One Magtek

The One Magtek is what’s commonly referred as a “quiver killer” board. It’s designed to be ridden on every type of snow-covered terrain in existence (with the exception of urban riding) thus eliminating the need to have a quiver of boards. So, if you’re the type who would rather have one board for everything, this just might be the One for you.


The One has a true twin shape and a twin flex pattern—it is symmetrical and has the same amount of flex in the nose and tail. In the camber department the One has Rossignol’s pride and joy:  Amptek. Amptek is a camber design consisting of a section of camber between the bindings flanked by two sections of rocker that run from each binding to the tip and tail respectively. The rockered sections make the board easy to press and quick to hook into turns while the camber helps ensure stability at speeds. Another benefit of the tip and tail rocker is the ability to float in powder with minimal effort.


Aside from Amptek, the One has a few tricks up its sleeve starting with Magne Traction. Magne Traction is the game-changing tech from Mervin Manufacturing that increases the number of contact points on a snowboard from four to fourteen. More contact with the snow means better edge hold, especially on not so savory surfaces like ice.


At the center of the One is Rossignol’s Wood C/K core. Wood C/K is simply good old fashioned wood that’s bolstered with carbon and Kevlar. The result is a snappy, durable core that will maintain it’s stiffness and pop longer than a traditional wood core.


  • Amptek= easy pressing, stability, pop, and float in powder.
  • Magne Traction under your feet means you’ll be leaning hard into your turns on icy runs when your buddies are forced to take it easy.
  • If you’re a one-board kind of rider, this board will not disappoint.

k2 Fastplant Snowboard Review

The K2 Fastplant

This thing is almost unbelievable, honestly. So many cool features, so much great stuff, besides how rad it looks. The graphic was done by a great skateboard and snowboard artist named Don Pendleton. This board is going to be top-notch this year.  Snowboarders Best-Of-Test, 2011, also Snowboard Magazine’s Platinum Pick. This K2 snowboard has a 5 year core warranty because of the new Bambooyah Core.

Let’s get into it. It has the jib-lined shape. It’s got 20 percent rocker on the nose and the tail, it’s got 80 percent flat in between. The construction is hyper-taper. What that means is, it’s going to be a little bit thicker, or normal size, in the middle, and it’s going to gradually taper off.

K2 decided to take a little bit of material out of the nose and the tail to make it a little bit lighter, make the swing-weight a little bit less, and help you get on your day.It has a twin hyper-progressive side-cut radius. If you’re going to be going fast, this thing’s going to hold an edge. If you’re going to be jimmying around at the bottom of the hill, this thing’s going to help you have a lot of fun. It has a centered stance. And like I said before, it has a Bambooyah WH4 Core. So this thing has bamboo laminate core, kind of like a skate deck. It also has Urethane-skinned honeycomb cells in three spots, one right by the front rail, the back rail, and then of course, in the center.

One of the other cool things about it is, it has the Triaxial fiberglass and ICG glass in it, which means that there’s carbon fiber stringers basically in the glass right here. This thing is sandwiched by three layers of fiberglass, unstoppable. One of my favorite features about this board is the carbon web that it has. K2 decided to put a spiderweb-looking stringer on the nose and in the tail for a little bit more snap, getting onto boxes, getting off of booters, et cetera. Besides that, they made it even more poppy.

Yeah, it is a rocker board. A lot of people out there think, “Rocker boards don’t have a lot of snap.” Well, K2 did something else that’s pretty rad, it’s called an ollie-bar. Ollie-bar is a carbon and Kevlar mixture that goes in between your feet.

That thing is going to make you go at least 25 percent higher than you normally would. If you can ollie, you’re going to be able to ollie really, really high with this.

It has a 4,000 center base. It’s going to hold a lot of wax, it’s going to be a lot faster than your average sled, and it’s got a 1 degree base-bevel.

Yep, this is going to be it, this is going to be the K2 Fastplant. Again, artist series by Don Pendleton, Snowboarder Magazine’s Best-Of-Test, Snowboard Magazine Platinum Pick, and it has a 5 year Bambooyah core. Definitely check this one out!”

Hey, I’m Brian with K2, and we’re taking a look at the K2 Fastplant Snowboard. The Fastplant is the highest end progression board in the K2 line. It is a true twin freestyle-orientated board, good for anywhere from the peaks to the parks. It offers our Gib-rocker so it’s totally flat between the bindings, giving you a lot of stability underneath foot and a lot of good hard snow performance. And then it’s rockered under the very tip of the tail just making that board nice and fun, very forgiving and still offering a lot of edge hold when that board’s up on edge in a turn. The fun new thing about the Fastplant is that it offers our Bambooyah core. It is a bamboo construction on the core, and we are offering a five-year warranty for breaks in the core while riding. This puppy is almost indestructible. It’s a very fun, smooth board. And like I said, it works from the peak to the parks to all-around mountain freestyle; this is the K2 Fastplant.

K2 Fastplant Snowboard 160

Academy Serenity Reverse Camber Snowboard Review

Academy Snowboard

The Academy Serenity is an awesome board, it has a great flex pattern, and it just rides like a champ in any turn. It’s pretty awesome overall, it’s a good board. Designed by women for women shredders. This board  ranked as one of the best boards on the market. Built to take punishment while learning new trick. Quality construction at an affordable price.

Features of the Academy Serenity

  • TWIN SHAPE- side wall construction
  • REVERSE CAMBER- in the 143 and 146
  • SANDWICH CONSTRUCTION- tip to tail wood core
  • Waist Widths: 143cm-236mm, 146cm-238mm

Academy Propaganda and Academy Rhythm

Academy Team Snowboard Review

We’re here today standing in the snow talking about the Academy Team Snowboard. A few things that I like about it is it’s got a very fast base, sharp edges and a nice little graphic here.  It’s got a really good flex in it and then it kind of snaps back on you so that’s really good for olling and stuff.  It’s got a really nice fast base, That holds wax great.  It’s got a little bit softer flex than last year’s but it still holds good on the jumps for landing.  Other than that it’s got nice holes drilled on the top so you can set up your stance however you want and it’s a little set back so it’s good for going your regular stance if you want but you can go backwards if you like.  It’s good for wheelies, bumps, air time, pretty much whatever you can do with it.  Just have fun with it.  You just got to try it out for yourself I guess.
Make sure to check out the Academy snowboards and their Scholarship Program.

The winner of The Scholarship will receive the following:

  1. $500 grant plus (1% of that region’s sales)
  2. (2) Academy Snowboard Boards
  3. $150 worth of softgoods, including t-shirts and sweatshirts
  4. ½ price session at High Cascade Snowboard Camp
  5. Featured spot on the Academy Snowboard Co. Website

Review: Lib Tech TRS C2BTX


The name of this board line says it all:  Total Ripper Series. If you ever find a condition this board isn’t suited for, you’re probably riding on Mars. The combination of a winning design and tech that actually works make this board a an all around mountain master.


The TRS is a true twin snowboard with symmetrical side cut so it will feel the same riding forwards and fakie. Whether you’re hucking a slow 180 off a backcountry cliff or spinning off the rail you just 50-50’ed, being able to switch your stance without hesitation is always a plus.


If the choice between camber and reverse camber has your head spinning, look no further than the TRS. Instead of taking a side in the debate this board aims to please everyone with its combination of rocker and traditional camber. The rocker is located between the bindings where it enables effortless nose and tail presses, easy buttering, and enhanced float in pow. Outside the rocker, Banana Rocker, to be exact, a section of camber is located under each foot. The camber helps keep the board poppy during ollies and stable at high speeds.


Magne Traction is at the top of this board’s tech list. The extra contact points equal edge hold on hard/icy snow that is unmatched by traditional snowboard edge design. Another nice thing about the edges is that they don’t wrap around the nose and tail. That attention to detail by Lib means you have less to worry about when pressing on rails and buttering. Speaking of rails, the extra contact points retain their viselike grip even when detuned for jibbing.


Farmed Columbian Gold wood makes up the TRS’s core. Why? Because it’s amazingly strong and, since it’s farmed, harvesting it has little to no impact on the environment.

To add extra strength to the top sheet traditional fiberglass was passed over in favor of Basalt fiber. Basalt fiber is essentially fiberglass made from volcanic sand. By removing regular sand from the process all the chemical additives needed to strengthen the mix are no longer needed. According to Lib-Tech, chemical free Basalt Fiber is 92% stronger than fiberglass. The added strength equals a lighter overall board weight due to the fact that less material is needed to make a durable product.


  • C2 Technology is the best of both worlds:  The stability of camber combined with the playful feel of rocker. Plus, the rockered shape makes your 154 Park board into a hovercraft in powder.
  • Magne Traction is no joke. Not even ice can break its grip.
  • Basalt = lighter and stronger boards with loads of pop.
  • If trail maps look like one giant playground to you, this board should be your short list.  The TRS is a stiff, aggressive board you can take from the park to the backcountry.

2011 K2 Darkstar Snowboard Review

The K2 Darkstar has been in the K2 line for quite some time. Transworld snowboarding has rated it good wood for 2011, and good wood it is. It has flatline baseline technology, which means it is 100% flat; set it on the ground, it’s going to be laying flat.

This is for the jibber out there, who likes to get down, likes to get dirty. It has the hybrid taper technology. You’ll see that the nose and tail will actually taper off. K2 took a little bit of wood out of the core, brought down the swing weight, and made the nose and tail taper. It saves a little bit of weight and rides perfect. It has a centered stance for every single big-hearted jibber out there. It has the W2 core which means there’s three different species of renewable wood inside this baby. It’s gonna be strong but it doesn’t add any extra weight. It has Biax fiberglass and a 4000 Sintered base. This things gonna be fast all the time, doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of a parking lot riding cement, it’s still gonna be fast, doesn’t matter. This is going to be an amazing board for you.

Hey, I’m Brian with K2, and we’re taking a look at the K2 Darkstar Snowboard. The Darkstar Snowboard is in the K2 progression line. It is totally a true twin. It has our carbon torsion forks in the tip and the tail, just to give the tip and tail just a little bit more pop. But it’s still a little bit squishier in the middle, just to make that snowboard a little bit more forgiving, a little bit more freestyle friendly. It has our faster Center 4000 base and a little bit more progressive, hyper-progressive side cut, just to make that puppy cut. Just a fun, poppy, forgiving board for the terrain park. It’s also totally flat underneath foot. It’s our Flatline technology, giving that freestyle rider a lot of stability to the snow and instant response on ollies, and just a generally while you’re out there snowboard. Just a great, affordable, true twin tip snowboard from K2.

K2 Turbo Dream Snowboard Review

The K2 Turbo Dream. This thing is absolutely insane. It’s pretty much the Ferrari of the K2 line. The features are absolutely stunning. It has an all terrain rocker system, which means that’s it about 75% flat in between the bindings and about 30% up on the nose and on the tail.

The construction is called a hybritaper, which means that they take out a little bit of the core material on the nose and the tail and taper it off so there’s less swing rate to make those spins a little bit faster. The sidecut construction is called the twin hyper progressive. That means that it’s a little bit smoother going into the turns, when you’re in the middle of a turn it’s very, very aggressive; it holds a great edge. The stance is set back 3/4 of inch, so not very much; it still has that twin shape. The core is called a WH3, which means it has three different types of wood in the core and it also has two urethane skin honeycomb strips in between the bindings. The fiberglass in this thing is pretty unique as well. It’s called the triax fiberglass and it has integrated carbon glass in the K2 Turbo Dream. There are three different patterns of glass that sandwich the wood core. There’s carbon fiber inside so it makes this thing extra, extra snappy and very, very responsive. If you land a little bit off, and you’re going off a 90-footer, this thing is going to hold your weight and not let you slide out. A couple of my favorite features are the new technology that K2 has out. One is called a damping system called the harshmellow. It’s almost like squishy little pads right under where your body is going to be set. So it dampers when you’re going about 90 miles an hour through some rough stuff and it also helps absorb a little of the impact. It also has something called the carbon web one. Carbon web is a new technology from K2 that has carbon fiber on the nose and on the tail. It kind of looks like a spiderweb. So it increases ollie, pop and it makes this board very aggressive. The base is a 4000 sintered base. It’s a top of the line base. The base bevel right now is, out of the factory, 1 degree. This is K2’s Turbo Dream. I can’t wait to ride this thing. It’s going to be amazing.

Hey, I’m Brian Rickle with K2 Snowboards, and we’re taking a look at the K2 Turbo Dream Snowboard.The K2 Turbo Dream is one of our higher-end Atlas snowboards. Basically, it’s just a really nice all-mountain snowboard. And really, it’s kind of anywhere from the peaks to the parks with an emphasis on the all-mountain orientation. The Turbo Dream has 10 stringers of carbon running all the way through that board to give it a lot of pop. It has our Carbon-Matrix-1 torsion forks at the very tip of the tail, just giving you a lot of edge hold with a lot of snap in the tip of the tail. It has our harsh, mellow dampening right underneath the bindings just to make that snowboard ride silky smooth on those groomers. And then, it also offers our all-terrain rocker. So it is flat between the bindings just to give you a lot of hard snow performance and give you a lot of stability on the ground. And then, it has a rocker on the very tip of the tail so it really makes that board float really nice on the powder and really quick and maneuverable through the trees and on the groomers, and that’s the K2 Turbo Dream snowboard.

2011 K2 WWW Rocker Snowboard Review

K2 Snowboards

The K2 World Wide Weapon and this is a baseline jib rocker board, which means that it has 20 percent rocker on the nose and on the tail and it is about 80 percent flat in between the bindings. Its construction is the jib tip which means that you can actually ride five centimeters smaller. The sidecut radius is pretty cool, its called the hyper progressive sidecut radius which means its easy going into turns and its a little bit more aggressive when you’re going throughout your turns. It has a center stance, which is nice because it is a twin board. The core construction is what’s called a V1, which means its one piece from tip to tail. The fiberglass in the board is Biax, which means there’s two layers of fiberglass that has been woven on top and on bottom of the core. One of my favorite features about this deck is it has a P-tex top sheet. Its pretty cool. I don’t know if you guys can see that close, but its pretty rad. The base has a 2000 extruded base. It’s going to be a base that your going to want to maintain as much as possible and there is a 3 degree base bevel on that edge so you don’t catch up on rails. This is the K2 World Wide Weapon you should definitely check it out. I know a lot of heavy hitters ride this thing. Thats it.

Hey, I’m Brian Ranko with K2 Snowboards, and we’re taking a look at the K2 World Wide Weapon. This is in our Progression line. It is a total true twin-tip snowboard, really kind of aimed towards, really, that terrain park, the urban-style type riding. It is a true twin, true stance. It offers our Jib Rocker, so it is totally flat underneath the bindings, and then has rocker underneath on the tip and the tail. For your terrain park snowboarder, what that’s going to offer you is, the rocker on the tip and the tail is going to give you a lot of maneuverability, a lot of noodliness and playfulness. But then, having it flat underneath the foot gives you not only hard snow stability, but if you’re sliding down rails or anything, it gives you a really nice and consistent sliding down on some of those rails. It also offers our Jib Tip, which allows you to size the snowboard 5 centimeters shorter. What that’s going to give you is, you have all the stability, the weight range that you need, with that really low swing-weight that you need around the tip and the tail. And then, also, a kind of fun and unique thing about it is, it’s a P-text top sheet on here too. All these are just little die-cuts, it’s like a big puzzle piece. And why we do that is for two reasons. One, it gives all of the boards kind of a unique color. And then, since it’s kind of a puzzle piece, it also reduces waste of material. The WWW, for the park guys and the urban guys.



K2 Raygun Snowboards Review – 2011

We’re taking a look at K2 Raygun Snowboard. This is a snowboard in our Atlas Series Snowboard. Just meaning that it’s a slightly directional snowboard with a binding shifted back just made to be in an all mounting cruiser board. You can take it from the peaks to the parks. But just a little bit more free ride orientated.

The Raygun has 10 strips of carbon running all the way through that board to make it hold really nice on groomers, gives that board a lot of snap. It also offers our all-terrain rocker which is flat between the feet and then rocked up on the tip and the tail.

This gives a rider for this snowboard, is a lot of stability underneath foot. A lot of hard snow performance and then the rocker on the tip and the tail just make it nice and forgiving. Very maneuverable. Quick through the trees. A little bit more float on the powder. That’s the Raygun Snowboard.

K2 Raygun Part II

This K2 has all terrain baseline construction. Seventy-five percent flat in between the feet. Thirty percent up like a rocker on the nose and the tail. Second radius is called a twin hyper progressive. The twin shape even though its stance is set back three quarters of an inch. The sidecut is nice and smooth going into turns. In the middle of turns, it’s very aggressive.

You won’t lose an edge. The K2 Raygun‘s core is a WH1 core. Inside this baby, one piece of wood. Nothing more. Nothing less. The glass inside is called Biax fiberglass. It’s a sandwich construction of the core with two pieces of fiberglass on the top and on the bottom. And what’s great about that kind of fiberglass is also the IJC10 fiberglass. If you don’t know what that is, it’s integrated carbon glass. So, inside of the normal fiberglass, you’re going to have strings of carbon fiber. Which is really great. Keeps it light. Keeps it snappy. And it has a 2000 extruded base.

You won’t have to maintain this thing too much, which is good. So if you’re a crazy park rat you won’t… I suppose you don’t do that anyway. The edges have a three degree edge bevel. If you don’t know what that is, research it. Maybe we’ll do another video, I don’t know. If you ride jibs, you want a lot of edge bevel so you don’t catch up on it. On any rails. This thing is the most bang you’re going to get for your buck. Great fiberglass. Awesome shape. Check it out The K2 Raygun.

k2 Anagram Snowboard Review

K2 Anagram Snowboard

Did you know that the K2 has been around since 1987. That’s pretty rad, I didn’t know that.

This is an Anagram Board. It has the catch-free technology, which means 95 percent of this board is flat. 5 percent of it, on the nose and on the tail, have a little bit of rocker to it.

It has the hyper-technology, which means it has a standard sidewall construction. It gradually tapers off to a cap construction on the nose and tail, getting rid of extra waste and extra material to keep this baby nice and light.

It’s got the twin hyper-progressive side-cut radius. If you don’t know what that means, that means that this thing, when you’re hauling down the hill, is going to hold your weight and hold your edge, no matter what. When you’re at the bottom of a hill, just cruising around and goofing around with friends, this thing’s going to be able to nice and squirrely at times, as well.

It has a centered stance. It has what’s called a W1 core. You can see, through the graphic actually, that there’s just one piece of wood in this whole thing. That’s pretty much it, it’s not a blend of different woods. As you see on the base, it is 2000 extruded die-cut base.

The contrast in colors, they pop. So if you’re doing a photo shoot, or you’re just jamming and just letting this board sit at the bottom of the hill after you’re done playing Foosball, at least you’ll be able to pick this thing out of a crowd.

That’s it right there. K2 Anagram, since 1987.”



We are looking at the K2 Anagram Snowboard. The Anagram is one of our more affordable adult boards out there. It is a true twin so it is identical from the tail into the nose. The stance is a true twin and it offers our catch free rocker design where it is totally flat underneath the foot to give that rider a lot of stability, a lot of good hard snow performance, and it just has a little bit of rocker right on the tip and the tail just to make it a little more maneuverable and forgiving for the rookies. The Anagram Snowboard, great for the rookies, and great in the train park.