Snowboard Reviews

2011 K2 WWW Rocker Snowboard Review

K2 WWW Snowboard

K2 Snowboards The K2 World Wide Weapon and this is a baseline jib rocker board, which means that it has 20 percent rocker on the nose and on the tail and it is about 80 percent flat in between the bindings. Its construction is the jib tip which means that you can actually ride five…


K2 Raygun Snowboards Review – 2011

k2 raygun

We’re taking a look at K2 Raygun Snowboard. This is a snowboard in our Atlas Series Snowboard. Just meaning that it’s a slightly directional snowboard with a binding shifted back just made to be in an all mounting cruiser board. You can take it from the peaks to the parks. But just a little bit…


k2 Anagram Snowboard Review

k2 anagram

K2 Anagram Snowboard Did you know that the K2 has been around since 1987. That’s pretty rad, I didn’t know that. This is an Anagram Board. It has the catch-free technology, which means 95 percent of this board is flat. 5 percent of it, on the nose and on the tail, have a little bit…


2011 K2 Slayblade Snowboard Review

K2 Slayblade

K2 Snowboards Hey, I’m Brian with K2 and we’ll be taking a look at the K2 Slayblade. The Slayblade is one of our higher end, free-ride, all-mountain dominator boards. It is a true twin snowboard with a slight shift in back-stance just to make it a little bit better for on the free ride side…


K2 Gyrator Snowboard Review


The  K2 Gyrator. This thing is pretty rad. It’s got a lot of rocker to it. It actually has was called the Powder baseline rocker system. It has 50 percent of flat in between the bindings and an additional 50 percent of rocker on the nose and tail; 25 percent on each.  It has a…


Forum Youngblood Series – 2011 – Review

Forum Youngblood-2011

This is the Forum Youngblood Series; there’s three different boards in the Youngblood Series. There is the Chilly Dog With Pop, we have the Camber series, and then we have the DoubleDog series. These three boards are pretty much giving you the same, besides those three profiles. I’m going to go through each one. The…


Review: Burton Prophecy Snowboard Binding


“The new Prophecy reveals the truth of what bindings will be like in years to come.”—Burton   When reading through the tech features pumped into the Prophecy bindings, it’s easy to picture Burton’s mad scientists making a list of every good binding feature ever conceived and going to work. The end result is a binding…


Burton Ration Snowboard Review

This is a Burton Ration. This is part of the Double Chair Tier Series. It has a feel rating of a 3, and yes it is a camber board. It’s going to be a softer board for that jib rat, it’s for the girl or guy who likes to ride park, bonk and do whatever…


2011 DC MLF Snowboard Review

DC MLF Snowboard

This DC MLF Snowboard is an actual camber board, it’s one of the only camber boards in the DC line this year. It has six millimeters of camber. If I were to set this thing flat – you would see six millimeters of lift under the center of the board, this provides you with tons of pop….


Review: Burton Freestyle One-Up Binding

Screen shot 2010-10-18 at 8.08.25 PM

Slip yourself into this snug single strap and say hello to more laps and less time ratcheting. Burton’s new One-Up strap provides plenty of boot coverage with one oversized strap that keeps your feet locked in while offering a relaxed feel that many other single strap systems simply cannot match. The strap is fully adjustable,…