2011 DC Devun Pro Snowboard Review

DC Snowobards

The DCDC Devun Pro Snowboard.  I am honored to review this board.  Devun Walsh has been a snowboarder in my life, who I’ve looked up to since I was kid, and that was a very long time ago. Devun is still doing it, still killing it, and he has a board by DC that is the pinnacle of the DC line.  This has everything you want in a board, it has everything you want to be Devun Walsh in a board.  It’s got an anti-camber 2, which means it’s going to be nice and flat outside of the bindings, and then a little bit after the outside of the bindings, it’s going to rise 2 millimeters.  It’s going to stay very, very stable at high speeds – it’s not going to be washy like some other anti-camber or reverse-camber boards.  It has a radius to flat tip and tail shape and it has a couple of notches out.  You’ll see that it has a really cool nose and tail shape.  The radius to flat is a shape that keeps the nose and tail flat, there is no continued side cut radius, there’s no weird bubble on the nose and the tail.  It’s got a centered stance because it’s a true twin-board.  Max settings of 25 inches.  The core is a really cool core;  it’s called the Slugger Core.  It’s got 100% vertical laminate poplar core, with grooves etched out for ash wood.  They call it the Slugger Core because the ash wood that’s used in Louisville sluggers is the same wood that they use in this board, so it’s going to stay really stable when you’re hauling through trunds or if you get balked off a little bit landing a front 12 or something.  This board is going to keep you up.  It also has a camber core, so even though it’s a reverse-camber board, or anti-camber board, there is actual camber wood on the inside of this, holding its shape a little bit and having a little bit better pop as well.  It has carbon quadratics glass, so it has four directional glasses inside that sandwich the core with carbon fiber, as well, so this thing is going to be responsive.  When you step into a turn, it’s going to pop you back.  When you land, it’s going to hold you up, it’s not going to wash you up.  The base is very high-tech;  it’s 7200 center-supreme base with struck turn.  Struck turn is laser etched, it’s a laser-etched base.  Heather dimples, sort of like a golf ball, reducing friction and of course, reducing weight as well.  So this thing is going to stay fast. The DC Devun Pro Snowboard is going to hold wax and another rad thing about it, is that it comes factory waxed by One Ball J.  I love it.  Devun Walsh is one of my heroes – he’s a living legend.  If you buy the DC Devun Pro Snowboard you wont regret it.

Capita Indoor Survival FK Snowboard Review


Another great board from Capita is the Indoor Survival flat kick, reverse camber edition. One of the coolest things about this reverse camber board is it has a technology that only Capita has called flat kick. They say wham pow flat kick. It is flat in between the bindings and then it gradually rises pretty much from the outside of your binding to right about there and then there is another lift, an additional lift called the flat kick that Capita has. It is awesome. This is an Indoor Survival. It has a nice flat nose and tail, which I love for riding powder.

This thing is going to kick it around. You are going to have a blast with it. It is a true twin and it has a centered stance. It has an eco-friendly core with a reforested certified dual core. Poplar wood from tip to tail but under the inserts they actually have beechwood from tip to tail. The glass is called a forum six glass. Two different directions of fiberglass that sandwich both the top and the bottom of that wood core. The base is called a wax infused rotational center base which means this thing is going to be fast, it is going to be quick, and it is going to absorb wax very, very well. It has a flex rating of five, which is right about in the middle. It’s not too bad. One of my other favorite things, besides the fact that Snowboarder rated it a good wood board and Snowboarder Magazine rated it as a Platinum Pick, there is carbon and Kevlar inserts so even though it is a reverse camber board, a lot of people thing that reverse cambers don’t have that much power. Well, Capita put in some carbon Kevlar fiber additives that run pretty much right underneath each binding. So this baby is going to have a lot of kick to it and a lot of snap. It’s a fun board with a sick graphic — Capita Indoor Survival Flat Kick.

2011 Capita Quiver Killer Snowboard Review

The 2011 Capita Quiver Killer. This board does it all. It’s called the ATAV: All terrain attack vehicle. It’s a directional sheet board with a centered stance. It has what’s called an SS select core. It’s 100 percent poplar wood from tip to tail with a smooth, consistent flex for whatever you want to do on a snowboard. The fiberglass inside inside is called a form 6 fiberglass. It has bilex fiberglass on the top and bottom floor and it has two strips of carbon Kevlar fabric additive from tip to tail to keep this thing stiff and light. The base is a high-transparent extruded base. The flex is a little on the stiffer side; it’s a 7 out of a 1-10 rating. One of my favorite things about this board is that Transworld named it one of the top five boards of 2008 and 2009 for the half-pipe, and that my friends is the 2011 Capita Quiver Killer.

2011 Capita Indoor Survival Camber Snowboard

Capita makes two different styles of the Indoor Survival. There is the Reverse Camber or FK (Flat Kick) and then there is the Camber edition. This, my friends, is the Capita Indoor Survival Camber Snowboard. It is a true twin shape. It has a centered stance and the core is sustainable. It is Eco-friendly. The  Indoor Survival‘s core is a reforested certified sustainable dual core. From tip to tail you have poplar wood but under the inserts you have beechwood that runs from tip to tail. The glass is called a Form 6 glass; two directions of fiberglass on the bottom and two directions of fiberglass on the top that sandwich the wood core. The base is called a wax infused rotational centered base. What does that mean? That means that this thing holds up well, absorbs wax and you don’t have to maintain it as much as you normally think you would.

It has a flex of about a five right in the middle so whether you are that aggressive park rat or you are the adventurous learning how to ride, this is going to be a rad board. Not only that, it has really sweet graphic. Transwood Snowboarding has rated it in ’08 as a good wood board. Snowboarder magazine has selected this as a platinum pick. This is a Capita Indoor Survival Camber edition.

2011 DC PBJ Snowboard Review

The DC PBJ. One thing that you guys may be noticing about all of these new Dc boards, is that they don’t have the traditional DC logo on the bottom, or basically on the top. Do you guys know why? Hit the blogs, find out. I’m not going to tell you here – have some fun researching. I love the new graphic – it’s big, it’s bold…whatever. The PBJ is a anti-camber board. It’s flat pretty much on the inside of where your bindings are going to go, and has a 6mm rise from the flat spot to the nose and  to the tail. The stance, you can max this thing out at 25, you probably won’t have to t-bolt this thing. Inside this core, it’s called the Stratus core. It’s 100% vertical laminates of poplar wood, and it also has a camber core so even though this an anti-camber board, the core shape inside is actually camber. DC PBJ Anti amber SnwobaordIt gives it a little bit more pop, it makes it a little bit more snappy and responsive. Inside you also find the core sandwiched by ex-fiberglass, so it’s going to be two sandwiches on the top and on the bottom two pieces of fiberglass woven throughout this baby. One of the cool features about this new DC PBJ board is the Structurn base. Can you guys see that? So you guys know that golf balls have dimples on them to reduce friction in the air. Well this base also has that same thing. There’s pretty much little dimples that reduces water friction and just friction in general when you’re riding on the snow. It doesn’t matter if you’re riding in parks or pow or ice, here in the Midwest that’s what I ride a lot. The Structurn base is a pretty cool base, it’s going to stay fast. The flex is a 6, right in the middle, or a little bit stiffer than in the middle, and this baby comes with OneBallJay factory wax, so you know once you mount your bindings on this thing it’s going to be fast off the bat. The DC PBJ – Fun, buttery, jibby…come enjoy it.

If there’s one color scheme that tells people you mean business it’s black on black. The DC PBJ is a mean-lookin’ stick that lands right in the middle of DC’s flex rating system with a 5/10. The PBJ features an anti-camber shape that’s flat between the binders and raises off the snow ever-so-slightly as it runs towards the nose and tail.


The PBJ has a camber core, however, so on the inside she’s all old-fashioned which gives it great pop and keep it super light. The base on this board is dimpled like your grade-school crush to reduce friction and comes straight from the factory with a One Ball Jay wax so it’s ready to rock.


The PBJ is Aaron Biitner’s board of choice, and he even has his own pro model colorway of it. All of the sizes and colors are great for an all-around park board, and it comes in 144, 149, 153, 157, 155w, and 159w. -EM



2011 Liquid Force Anthem Wakeskate Review

Some of the best wakeskates are made by Liquid Force. Now the 2011 Anthem Wakeskates take the simple shape of The Liquid Force Factions and they have add a 3d EVA deck. It has got a single concave running though the center, a rounded rail for a forgiving feel, and they round it out with this molded, EVA, 3d deck. The Progressive 3 Stage Rocker is complimented by the single concave throughout the board , which helps the board track even truer, with or without a fin.

2011 Liquid Force Anthem Wakeskate

Burton CO2 Snowboard Bindings Review

How’s it going guys? I’m Robbie at The House. Today we are going to be talking about the Burton 2011 CO2 Binding. Nice binding over all. It’s going to be one of the top lines at Burton. So you are going to get a lot of features here on this binding that are just all just going to really help you out. It is going to be all mountain binding. This is for the person who is really looking to hit the higher speeds, go back country, or to just really tear it up on the groomers. One of the coolest things about this binding, is it has the reflex technology on there. It is a newer technology that Burton has come out with that is kind of a combination between the EST (which is going to be for the channel system that Burton has with more of a traditional binding). What it actually does is with the base plate, traditionally you have hard plastic that runs all the way through the base plate, so you kind of create a dead spot over the base of your board and it doesn’t flex with your board. What the reflex does, is through the middle of the board here, you are actually not going to have any plastic at all, so it is going to flex with the board, so you are not going to have to sacrifice with that. All the while, you’re still getting all the durability of traditional binding. Also, it makes it a lot more comfortable. You are going to have a lot more padding underneath your toes and underneath your heals, so that you are really able to feel the board and tell what’s going on underneath your feet. Also, it is going to have one of the lightest weight high backs that Burton does. It is the Living Hinge Real Mesh back. It’s going to have a mesh back here and also just using the Fork, the Y Fork for your tortion so you are still going to get nice rigid back so that you get that response from your heals to your toes. Then the living hinge comes right here on the edge. It just makes it so that it is a lot more comfy and you don’t have to worry about it. You can really adjust it if you want more of a forward lean for those of you with that on the all mountain side of things. Also, you are going to have the gapless base, which makes it so that you don’t have to lose out on having any sort of slant underneath your foot and just makes it so that you have a more comfortable feel. You’re feet can take it for a lot longer time. You are going to get the highest end of Burton’s rachets. It’s just going to slide really nice and easy. Easy glide, dual component and you are going to get one of the highest end straps for Burton. It looks really minimalistic, because it doesn’t have much going on, but it is definitely a comfortable strap that goes over the front of your heels. You’re also going to get the Get A Grip cap strap, which goes over your toes. Get A Grip, because it pretty much grips all the way down through there, so you are not going to have to worry about it slipping up and over. With the toe strap, it’s really nice, because it brings your toe down and into the binding and it makes it so there is a lot faster response time and it’s just simply more comfortable overall. That’s the 2011 Burton CO2. Larges fit 10 and up and a medium will fit an 8 to a 10. I know that there are a couple different color ones as well, so definitely go ahead and check that out. Thanks a lot.

Burton CO2 EST Snowboard Bindings 2011

Burton CO2 EST Snowboard Bindings 2011

Capita Mid Life Crisis Snowboard Review

From Capita, we have the Mid Life Crisis. This snowboard is pretty sick. It’s actually designed by TJ Schneider. Have you ever seen that guy rip? You should go watch him ride, he’s a sick rider. But it’s a little bit wider of a board. I don’t know if he’s got big feet or whatever, but… this actually has a waist width of a 25. Has a centered stance and yes it is a true trim. The core is called DS SELECT, so it has a poplar wood core from tip to tail, and then on the rails is has beachwood, so if you’re trying to hold an edge through some choppy terrain, the beachwood’s  that is going to damper those vibrations a little bit better than a traditional plain wood core. The glass is called Custom Weave E-class glass. That means that there is two different directions of fiberglass on the top of the core, and three different directions of fiberglass on the bottom of the core. The Capita Mid Life Crisis also has Kevlar and Corbin fiber inserts that run basically from where your bindings sit on both sides of your rails as well. The base is called a wax-infused rotational centered base. That means that this thing is fast, that means it’s going to absorb wax and hold on to wax a little bit longer than an extruded base. The flex is a little bit stiffer than average. It’s a 6 out of a 1-to-10 rating. I actually rode this season with this board, and I actually dug it. I really did. The nose and tail have really unique shapes, cool graphic, great deck, great tot cuts. This is the Capita Mid Life Crisis. Thanks TJ for making such a rad board.

Capita Mid Life Crisis Snowboard

Capita Mid Life Crisis Snowboard

Rome Graft Review

2011 Rome Graft

Rome Snowboards, Snowboard Boots, BindingsThe Rome Graft  is true twin board coming with basalt impact plates. Rome stepped this board up from our glass impact plates in the Artifact to the basalt—a denser material. It’s going to give you even more impact resistance. Pop Core backing that up as a full core.  It has a Sintered True Base, so it can definitely gap that 50 footer in the park. Full wrap edges with our Park Bevel as well as biaxial glass here. 

Rome loaded the this Graft with a center line carbon, so a carbon stringer in the nose and tail will give you that extra pop on this Stay Positive Camber board. Coming in a 49, 51, 53, 55, 58, and a 160—definitely a do all true twin. It’s going to make it happen out in the park.

2011 Burton Love Review

Burton Love Snowboard

It’s part of the Galola series. It is a 4 in the feel rating which is a little bit less than the middle of course, which is a five. This is a camber shaped board, it’s a twin shape board and it has a twin shape flex. The core is a Super Fly II core, which is laminate woods that run tip to tail, and it also has dual zone EDG. That means that there is perpendicular wood to the laminate core that run on the edges in between the bindings.

It also has a negative profile meaning that, thicker in the middle, thinner in the nose and the tail, causes less swing rate.

It has dual density Triax fiberglass. They really beefed up the fiberglass in this, calls for quick snaps and high ollies. Fiberglass runs in three different directions, 45 degrees, negative 45 degrees, and zero degrees. And it also has a Sintered WFO, fast as hell base. That’s right, this thing is very porous and very slick. We would suggest maintaining the base and waxing it on a weekly basis if you ride more than two days a week.

The edges are the classic Grip and Rip edges, and the slantwalls, or the sidewalls are actually the 10-40 sidewalls. Basically they’re indestructible, they’re two different angles, fan’ freaking ‘tastic. The tip and tail have something called Flip Kick which is a nice flat surface that helps you get onto rails and do boxes and off of jumps very very smoothly. It also has what’s called Pro-tip.

Pro-tip is the minimization of material on the nose and the tail, that gradually reduces swing weight and weight overall in general in the board and it also has something called Stink Ink. Not sure what Stink Ink is, but we have been scratching and smelling this board all over and we still don’t know what it is. But anyway this is the Burton Love, if you love snowboarding you are going to love this board, so go check it out.

2011-Burton Love Snowboards

Today we’re talking about the infamous Burton Love 2011 Snowboard. Just a super solid deck, with a camber shaped board for those of you who love camber over the rocker. It’s really good for throwing it down in the park or destroy some rails and Boxes. It has a twin shaped, twin flex so it’s going to be symmetrical, front and back.

The cool thing about this Burton snowboards is you  get the infinite ride , which basically means that the board is already broken in. So the flex that you’ve got first day will be the same two years down the road, a flex level rating about four out of ten. So it’s still going to be a nice soft deck that has a little bit of substance behind it.  Also, a cool thing you get is you’re going to have the infinite channel system. It works really well with the EST bindings, if you want to go that route. So you can really fine tune and pretty much have an infinite amount of options for your stance, and really just make that as fine tuned as you want on that side of things. On top of that, we’re going to get a really nice, higher end base on this guy. It’s a centered WFO base on there for you guys. A super solid deck overall, base wise. I really like the graphic on that. And also, a nice thing about this on the base is it’s going to take a little more maintenance, but it will definitely hold a lot of wax for you. So, you’re able to go really fast on that side of things. On to that, it’s going to have the pro tip on there, pro tip and tail. So what it does is it lowers the swing weight so it eliminates a lot of the weight that’s coming in, in the nose and tail for you. So, you’re able to throw down and spins a lot easier and it just makes it so you feel like you’re riding a shorter deck. Everyone really likes the graphic on this deck, so that goes without saying on that side of things. But this is the Burton Love and you’ll fall in love with the deck.