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Capita Indoor Survival FK Snowboard Review

Capita Indoor Survival FK

  Another great board from Capita is the Indoor Survival flat kick, reverse camber edition. One of the coolest things about this reverse camber board is it has a technology that only Capita has called flat kick. They say wham pow flat kick. It is flat in between the bindings and then it gradually rises pretty…


2011 Capita Quiver Killer Snowboard Review

Capita Quiver Killer ATV Snowboard

The 2011 Capita Quiver Killer. This board does it all. It’s called the ATAV: All terrain attack vehicle. It’s a directional sheet board with a centered stance. It has what’s called an SS select core. It’s 100 percent poplar wood from tip to tail with a smooth, consistent flex for whatever you want to do…


2011 Capita Indoor Survival Camber Snowboard

Capita Indoor Survival Cambered Snowboard

Capita makes two different styles of the Indoor Survival. There is the Reverse Camber or FK (Flat Kick) and then there is the Camber edition. This, my friends, is the Capita Indoor Survival Camber Snowboard. It is a true twin shape. It has a centered stance and the core is sustainable. It is Eco-friendly. The …


2011 DC PBJ Snowboard Review

DC PBJ Anti amber Snwobaord

The DC PBJ. One thing that you guys may be noticing about all of these new Dc boards, is that they don’t have the traditional DC logo on the bottom, or basically on the top. Do you guys know why? Hit the blogs, find out. I’m not going to tell you here – have some…


2011 Liquid Force Anthem Wakeskate Review


Some of the best wakeskates are made by Liquid Force. Now the 2011 Anthem Wakeskates take the simple shape of The Liquid Force Factions and they have add a 3d EVA deck. It has got a single concave running though the center, a rounded rail for a forgiving feel, and they round it out with this molded, EVA,…


Burton CO2 Snowboard Bindings Review

Burton CO2 EST Snowboard Bindings 2011

How’s it going guys? I’m Robbie at The House. Today we are going to be talking about the Burton 2011 CO2 Binding. Nice binding over all. It’s going to be one of the top lines at Burton. So you are going to get a lot of features here on this binding that are just all…


Capita Mid Life Crisis Snowboard Review

Capita Mid Life Crisis Snowboard

From Capita, we have the Mid Life Crisis. This snowboard is pretty sick. It’s actually designed by TJ Schneider. Have you ever seen that guy rip? You should go watch him ride, he’s a sick rider. But it’s a little bit wider of a board. I don’t know if he’s got big feet or whatever,…


Rome Graft Review

Rome Graft

2011 Rome Graft The Rome Graft  is true twin board coming with basalt impact plates. Rome stepped this board up from our glass impact plates in the Artifact to the basalt—a denser material. It’s going to give you even more impact resistance. Pop Core backing that up as a full core.  It has a Sintered…


2011 Burton Love Review

burton love Snwoboard

Burton Love Snowboard It’s part of the Galola series. It is a 4 in the feel rating which is a little bit less than the middle of course, which is a five. This is a camber shaped board, it’s a twin shape board and it has a twin shape flex. The core is a Super…


Stepchild Latchkey Review

Stepchild Latchkey Reverse Camber Snowboard

2011 Stepchild Latchkey Snowboard This is the Stepchild Latchkey Snowboard. The entry level twin tip board will keep any rider happy all season long. There are Stepchild Latchkey camber and Stepchild Latchkey reverse camber options, but this board is actually a camber board. The twin tip shape will keep you happy all season long because…