Skateboard Backpacks

Skateboard backpacks from The House are the perfect option for bringing to the skatepark the next time you head out on your next adventure. These backpacks feature straps that make it easy for you to carry your skateboard with you wherever you go along with plenty of smaller pockets for keeping smaller necessities, such as your keys and your phone, safe. With a variety of name brands to choose from like Burton, Dakine, Nike, Roxy, and more, you are certain to find a quality skateboard backpack that will hold up to plenty of activity. These backpacks are not only great for transporting your skateboard, but they are also the perfect option for stashing an extra pair of clothes if you’re going away for the weekend or throwing your textbooks in if you’re late for class. Whatever your style and color preference, there is a skateboard backpack here with your name on it.
Dakine Concourse 25L Backpack
Size: 25L
$34.95 34.95
$70.00 (50% Off)
Dakine 101 29L Backpack
Size: 29L
$39.95 39.95
$85.00 (53% Off)

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