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Shelters, tarps, and footprints are available at The House for all of your camping needs. Featuring a variety of camping shelters, our shelters, tarps, and footprints are essential to making sure you have a comfortable camping setup while enjoying the great outdoors. Our camping shelters, tarps, and footprints are created with durable and comfortable materials to make sure they feel great and last you through many seasons and camping trips. Our camping shelters, tarps, and footprints are great for adding extra security to your camping provisions and making sure your camping tent stays as fresh as possible. Our shelters also feature AirPitch technology for easy inflation and deflation, making it convenient and easy to carry with you. Our camping footprints also help to protect your tent from wet ground and enable it to dry faster. Enjoy peace of mind during your camping trips and stay cozy with shelters, tarps, and footprints from The House.

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