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Men’s Cross Country Skis from The House can take you anywhere you want to go this winter. We carry classic cross-country skis for those looking to go about it the old way, while skate ski options let you pick up a little more speed and improvise a little. These skis feature a variety of hues and graphics that will have you looking as good as you ski. For those looking to forge their own trails, we have backcountry skis available that give you a better ride through rough snow conditions. It’s important to have the right size ski, so we carry tons of size options to choose from, enabling you can find a pair that fits you perfectly. Each ski is carefully made using the finest material available and the latest in ski manufacturing technology so you know you're on a great ski every time. Featuring trusted brands like Alpina, Fischer, Madshus, Rossignol and Salomon, you can be confident that you’ll be riding some of the best cross-country skis on the market. Whether you’re looking to outrace your opponents or just spend some time outdoors this winter, step into a pair of our cross-country skis and start cruising today!
Fischer Aerolite Skate 60 XC Skis 2023
Size: 176cm, 181cm, 186cm, 191cm
219 $219.00
Madshus Redline Carbon Classic Cold XC Skis
Size: 210cm (85-95)
$194.95 194.95
$760.00 (74% Off)
Madshus Propulsion Cold XC Skis
Size: 205cm (60-80), 195cm (60-80)
$203.95 203.95
$920.00 (78% Off)
Fischer Sprint Crown Jr. IFP XC Skis 2023
Size: 140cm, 150cm, 160cm, 170cm
129 $129.00
Rossignol X-Ium Classic Premium C2 IFP XC Skis
Size: 197cm
$299.95 299.95
$800.00 (63% Off)
Rossignol X-Ium Classic Premium C1 IFP XC Skis
Size: 197cm, 202cm, 207cm
$299.95 299.95
$800.00 (63% Off)
Madshus Nanosonic Carbon Classic Cold XC Skis
Size: 190cm (70-80)
$159.95 159.95
$655.00 (76% Off)
Madshus Propulsion Plus XC Skis
Size: 205cm (60-80), 195cm (45-60), 195cm (60-80), 205cm (80+)
$203.95 203.95
$920.00 (78% Off)
Rossignol Delta Sport Classic XC Skis 2023
Size: 196cm
$191.96 191.96
$239.95 (20% Off)
Madshus Redline Carbon Classic Zero XC Skis
Size: 195cm (70-80)
$184.95 184.95
$760.00 (76% Off)
Rossignol X-Ium Classic Premium C3 IFP XC Skis
Size: 197cm
$284.95 284.95
$800.00 (64% Off)
Madshus Redline Carbon Classic Plus XC Skis
Size: 210cm (85-95), 195cm (50-60), 195cm (60-70)
$194.95 194.95
$760.00 (74% Off)
Madshus Nanosonic Carbon Classic XC Skis
Size: 205cm (65-75), 205cm (75-85), 185cm (60-70), 190cm (60-70), 195cm (50-60), 195cm (70-80)
$159.95 159.95
$655.00 (76% Off)
Rossignol X-Ium R-Skin XC Skis
Size: 186cm, 191cm
From: $498.75 498.75
$525.00 (5% Off)

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