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Shop bike frames at The House. Find frames in different sizes, styles, and colorways. Get yourself one in sizes 15 inches to 21 inches as well as 48 centimeters to 60 centimeters.

Our products are for road, mountain, cross-country, commuting, road, cyclocross, and fat and general biking. Find frame weights for all sorts of biking you plan to do. Our bike frames are constructed from carbon for an ultimate lightweight and speedy bike frame.

They have bottom brackets including English, PF86, BB30 as well press fit. Crafted by Framed Bikes, you will surely find your perfect fit today! Buy now and get our selected outdoor sports apparel and footwear up to 65% off!

Framed Alaskan Carbon w/ Bluto Fork Fat Bike Frame Kit
Size: 16in, 18in
$866.24 866.24
$2,100.00 (59% Off)
Verde Fides BMX Frame
Size: 20.5in, 21in
$279.75 279.75
$329.99 (15% Off)
Framed Minnesota Carbon Fat Bike Frame Kit
$1,151.95 1,151.95
$1,500.00 (23% Off)
Framed Marquette Carbon Bike Frame
Size: 15.5in, 17in, 19in, 21in
$745.95 745.95
$1,000.00 (25% Off)
Framed Basswood Rear Thru Axle
Size: 142mm x 12mm
$24.25 24.25
$25.00 (3% Off)
Framed Minnesota Carbon Fat Bike Frame Kit Womens
$1,151.95 1,151.95
$1,500.00 (23% Off)
Wolf Tooth RockShox Front Thru Axle
Size: 15x110mm
$29.95 29.95
$39.95 (25% Off)
Fuji SL-A LTD Rim Brake Bike Frame
Size: 54cm, 56cm, 61cm
$398.95 398.95
$699.99 (43% Off)

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