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Air Beds and Sleeping Pads for sale from The House are just what you need to turn your campsite into your home away from home. Available in a variety of sizes and designs, we carry a wide selection of super comfy air beds that are easily inflatable and made with grooves to increase comfort and have you snoring all night long. They are designed to be lightweight and packable so you can easily store them in your vehicle or hiking backpack. The sleeping pads are made with a form-fitting foam that shapes gently to your body and over sticks and stones to ensure you feel like you’re laying on a perfectly flat surface. The exteriors are carefully crafted using durable fabrics and plastics to keep them in great shape while on the move. Whether you’re camping underneath the stars or bundled up in a chilly storm, these air beds and sleeping pads are sure will have you snoozing in no time.

Therm-A-Rest ProLite Sleeping Pad
Large (25 x 77in)
129.95 $129.95

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