VIDEO: Bryan Fox Shred to Toe

Get up close and personal with Pro Snowboarder Bryan Fox’s gear. See what brands and products he rocks every day, all day. Brought to you by The House Boardshop and Snowboarder Magazine.

Gallery: Behind the Scenes of the Sick Days Feature

“Thanks to Mountain High and SNOWBOARDER, we were able to do a shoot with banger features like no other shoot I’ve ever done. It’s not often you get to jump over a bunch of snow bunnies in bikinis—I love my job! The first day I got to Mountain High, they built a pole jam to redirect wall. It took a while to get the pole jam just right so we could hit the wall and come back without splattering, but as soon as it was lined up right, it was on… But by the time we started smashing it, though, the fog rolled in heavy. You had to wait for li’l fog breaks and then dip for the feature, but there weren’t too many of them, so you could just say it was a hazy time. You must be doing something right if you can ride blind! We had a good session on the wall, but it was getting late, so we called it quits.” -Travis Kennedy

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This wasn’t the biggest gap these riders have hit, but it was one of the more sketchy ones. The landing was increibley short and flat. Kyle Guinea pigged this gap once, then it was on.  This was the first jump over the girls. (P) Huggy

Kyle Lopiccolo: A front side 3 later in the session. (P) Huggy

Travis Kennedy psyched us all out by stopping short and slashing snow all over the babes. (P) Huggy

Travis Kennedy aka scrilla the kid, with a backside 180 over titty city. (P) Huggy

VIDEO: Austin Smith Shred to Toe

Ever wonder what kit Videograss destroyer Austin Smith uses to get the shot? The House Boardshop has teamed up with Snowboarder Magazine to give you a first hand look at the gear that pro snowboarder Austin Smith relies on to get him through the season.

VIDEO: Ben Bogart Shred to Toe

The House Boardshop and Snowboarder Magazine have teamed up to give you an up close and personal look at the kits that keep the pro-shreds doing what they do. Check out the gear that Ben Bogart rocks from head to toe.

Gallery: Behind the Scenes of Chas Guldemond’s Cold Front Shoot

Each month Snowboarder Magazine runs Cold Front photo spreads in the very first pages of the issue. These shots are highly coveted by riders and photographers alike and they give a little taste of what you’re dropping into in each issue. For November’s 2010 issue Chas Guldemond and photographer Ryan “Huggy” Hughes nabbed one of the Cold Front shots. Lucky for you, The House Boardshop and Snowboarder Magazine have partnered up to bring you behind the scenes extra’s that you can only see online here at The House, including this months photo gallery of shots that didn’t make the cut.

I’ve been organizing my own spring park shoots in the Tahoe area for the past four years. This spring, I worked with Chris Castaneda and the SPT/Northstar crew to get this sick double line ready for a private shoot. I called up Jeremy Thompson to come shred with me because I knew he would throw down and bring along his good energy. There’s nothing better and more rewarding than being able to have a private session at your home resort. Northstar was closed for the season, so a few of the guys brought their sons up to watch. I had my dogs and my girl there, and we just had a good time. Jeremy and I would ride for a few hours, and then we’d take a break and barbecue. Jeremy was even spotted bronzing in a lawn chair. A few really productive days, good friends, endless burgers, and three epic sunsets…it was Tahoe at its finest. -Chas Guldemond

Click on the photo to enlarge:

No animals were harmed in the making of this animation. (R) Chas Guldemond (P) Huggy

It’s very rare that you could classify a snowboard photo as cute. This one might just do it though. (R) Jeremy Thompson (P) Huggy

Ms. Superpark 6 at Snow Summit, CA

Each month The House Boardshop and Snowboarder Magazine have teamed up to give our customers and fans an exclusive look at an upcoming feature and photos or videos off the cutting room floor of that feature. This week we take a look inside the 6th annual Ms. Superpark with exclusive video edits from all three days of the event. Enjoy.

“Though many of snowboarding’s leading ladies arrive here to perform, please don’t call it a contest. Without an overpaid announcer or scaffolding packed with judges in sight, Ms. Superpark began as the proper retort to SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s more masculine event, and though they may differ in features and testosterone, both gatherings put the riders’ best interests at the forefront. Now in its sixth year, Ms. Superpark continues to act as a platform for emerging talent, as well as a place for well-knowns to remain on the radar. With riders free to perform as they see fit, one often witnesses more creativity, friendly competition, and overall achievement at each session. Convening this year at one of the most innovative hills in park-building history, the women received a top-quality setup to hone their skills on courtesy of Snow Summit’s park staff. With the building done by Superpark regular Desi Hauer and company, the setup readily lent itself to the troupe of women waiting to attack. While most may concentrate on the level of expertise each invitee has to her name, it wasn’t long ago that these girls were missing grabs and consulting higher authorities to refine their maneuvers. Though many understand the kind of riding that’s acceptable at Ms. Superpark, plenty may wonder if they will ever be in form to achieve it.” -Jenna Klein

Day Two

Day Three Ms. Superpark After Dark

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Hey Na! Snowboarder Mag & Forum at Seven Springs, PA

The House has teamed up with SNOWBOARDER MAGAZINE to bring our loyal patrons exclusive content each month. Not only will we tease you with a snippet from a fresh feature article, but we’re going to do you one better and pair it up with stuff that didn’t make it into the mag.

This month we bring you photo’s from the cutting room floor of October’s “Hey Na!” feature where Forum Team riders Stevie Bell, Austin Sweetin and Alec Ostreng stopped by a little known resort in Pennsylvania during the filming of this year’s Forum team video, F*ck It.

Hey Na! PA Shredding

By Huggy. All Photos: Huggy

“Aside from having the largest Amish population in the United States, Pennsylvania is best known for the Liberty Bell, Hershey’s chocolate bars, the Rocky movies, and Michael Scott of The Office. The last thing you would think about PA is having dope freestyle snowboarding, yet all this could change after this year.

Seven Springs is located in the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania, roughly an hour and a half outside of Pittsburgh. The park crew, led by Joel Rerko, is on a constant mission to build legit parks and pipes, and this drive is what led them to make an overabundance of snow in the vicinity of their halfpipe. Located on a steeper slope than most pipes, nearly forty feet of extra snow is needed to raise the lower section and therefore lessen the vertical pitch. As the halfpipe is 590 feet long, this can amount to quite a bit of snow. Fortunately, Seven Springs has a long pedigree of snowmaking innovation, starting with the invention of the HDK tower system in the seventies. This means that with projects of this sort, they can literally bring out the big guns. All of the extra snow used at Seven Springs was able to be farmed, pushed, and piled into several late-season features created exclusively for the upcoming Forum team video, Fuck It.” – Huggy

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Cold Turkey. There is No Scene Here

“A heavy grey hangs over Istanbul. Shoes shuffle on pocked pavement as shades of pastel flake off dilapidated apartments stacked many stories high. The ocean is a dense, charcoal smoke. Mosques are frozen in time, looming above the landscape, forlorn, and capped with warm gold. Muslim songs drone from unseen speakers, resonating through the city’s electric streets, and spray-paint jibberish scrawls cement walls. A weathered old dog passes, its hair tangled in knots. He wants nothing to do with the piece of pretzel I toss it, having eaten enough today. The market is bustling. Within the delirium of the Grand Bazaar marketplace, a man has toppled over and passed out on the sidewalk. Elderly women place Misbaha prayer beads into his limp claw. Most likely a drug overdose, I’m told—the last strides of a midnight run. The thick stench of burnt hair that envelops the city is pungent, but two days in, I’m used to it. Merchants yell for attention in broken English, and pigeon shit blankets every inch of cement. Vibrant colors of storefront spices burst from the drab, brown slats they sit atop. The grey never lifts, and so evenings get dark—pitch black; the sky completely absent of stars. Into the twilight we dissolve, waiting for something, anything to transpire.

‘We’re here to snowboard,’ I tell a confused man at a discotheque. He has a thick mustache and black, dark-set eyes with a round nose that contrasts his stickish facial features. Techno blares from unfinished hand-me-down subwoofers unstably stacked to the ceiling. He says something in Turkish. Our guide translates: ‘He does not know why you came here to snowboard.’ Funny thing was, neither did we.”- T. Bird

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Earn Your Turns. Drop Out Then Drop In. Nike 6.0

Something new from the folks at Snowboarder Magazine. Moving forward you will have the opportunity to view continuations of print articles, extra photos and videos which did not make the final cut and unique one of a kind content on The House blog as with this Nike 6.0 video.
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From Trevor Jacob’s vantage point, the line he looks down upon seems unending. Features of varying shapes and sizes twist off into the distance. Sweat beads on Jacob’s brow. He checks to make sure his gloves are tight. He must stay focused—there’s no room for error. Just as Trevor was contemplating backing out, he hears a stern voice: “Jacob, you ready?” After a tepid nod, Trevor inches forward, grabs the nearest spatula, and starts taking orders from the hungry masses. Like hundreds of thousands of riders across the country, Trevor Jacob heads to the hill each day looking for a thrill. What makes this day different is that for the first time in his seventeen years on earth, the rush he now experiences is the lunch rush. – Pat Bridges

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