Hyperlite System Bindings and Boots

Hyperlite System Binding

In 2011 Hyperlite lunched the System Bindings and they are perhaps the most innovating design change in the wakeboard Industry.  Taking their inspiration from snowboarding.  The System is the only wakeboard binding/boot system on the planet.

  • New Adjustable Toe Strap System – Over the top or over the toe
  • New Fast Back Locking Highback Option
  • Baseless Boot Interface
  • Ultra Light G5 Chassis Construction
  • Articulating Highback
  • Mid Flex, Adjustable Ankle Strap
  • Strata Specific Mounting Locations
  • Traditional 6” Mounting Locations
  • Super Comfortable and Responsive
  • Great for Cold Water Wakeboarding and kite boarding

2012 Hyperlite System Boots


Hyperlite Webb System Boot

 The Webb System Boot is most flexible boot in Hyperlite’s line. The boot features the lowest cut cuff , which complement JD Webb’s smooth  freeride style. It has a Ultralon heat moldable liner for superior fit and comfort. The Webb system boot also has two cinch straps and custom insoles with an integrated arch support for maximum stability.

  •  Revolutionary 2-Part Construction
  • EVA-Lite Outsole
  • TPR Impact Gel Inserts
  • Custom Ultron Insoles
  • Heat Moldable Hyper-Liner EVA
  • Flow Through Drain Panels and Outsole
  • Dual Quick Cinch Lace Zones
  • Lace Management Stash Pockets
  • Lower Cuff Offering the Most Range of Motion

Hyperlite AJ System Boot

The AJ System Boot has a low profile cut and a traditional lacing system with an unique street inspired design. The low profile cuff makes these boots perfect for poking and tweaking out  tricks and new EVA heel impact pads for flat water landing. There is also a has new internal heal retention system, which keeps your heal locked in place giving you a very supportive feel. Overall, the AJ Ssytem Boot is great for all around riders.

  • Revolutionary 2-Part Construction
  • EVA-Lite Outsole
  • EVA Heel Impact Inserts
  • Custom Ultron Insoles
  • Integrated Heel Hold System
  • Heat Moldable Hyper-Liner EVA
  • Flow Through Drain Panels and Outsole
  • Traditional Lacing System
  • Second Color Lace Set

Hyperlite Murray System Boot

The Hyperlite Murray System Boot has a midrange flex, lost of support and a very lightweight construction. With a mid cut one piece cuff  the Murray Boot offer the support and stability you need, while still giving you the flex to really tweak out your tricks.

  • Revolutionary 2-Part Construction
  • EVA-Lite Outsole
  • TPR Impact Gel Inserts
  • Custom Ultron Insoles
  • Heat Moldable Hyper-Liner EVA
  • Flow Through Drain Panels and Outsole
  • Dual Quick Cinch Lace Zones
  • Lace Management Stash Pockets
  • Mid Range Support and Range of Motion

Hyperlite Marek System Boots

The Merek has the tallest cuff making it the stiffest boot in the system line. With a Quick Cinch Lace Zones and Boa closure system it is easy to make adjustments on the fly. Featuring a new Heat Moldable EVA  Hyper-Liner that is more durable and comfortable then the previous model. If you looking for comfort and support the new Hyperlite Marek System boot might be the one for you.

  • Revolutionary 2-Part Construction
  • EVA-Lite Outsole
  • BOA Closure System
  • TPR Impact Gel Inserts
  • Custom Ultron Insoles
  • Heat Moldable Hyper-Liner EVA
  • Flow Through Drain Panels and Outsole
  • Quick Cinch Lace Zones
  • Lace Management Stash Pockets
  • Taller More Supportive Cuff

2013 Hyperlite Franchise Jimmy LaRiche Wakeboard Review

Hyperlite Franchise

The first thing you’ll enviously notice staring that the Hyperlite Franchise Wakeboard is the graphic.  The Hyperlite Visual Liberation is a collection of wakeboards that draws inspiration from a worldly group of desingers.  The Hyperlite Franchise’s graphic was created by Theocy Design.  Clap your hands with a big stance for those guys.  But that’s not all…

Digging deeper into the Hyperlite Franshise you’ll see more than meets the eyes.  Legendary Greg Nelson designed the shape specifically to meet the vast riding needs of Jimmy LaRiche.  You don’t have to be a pro to thrash the Franchise, you can be an average Joe and still enjoy every bit of this continuous rockered lucky charm.

Like going fast and need a deck that will skyrocket you past the cables?  The Tapered Channels narrow and shoot through the Dual Fin Configuration – combine that with the Enduro Base and blast yourself into the flats of next week.  From the Layered Glass to the Monocoque Construction the Hyperlite Franchise is built to take a beating.

Go ahead, leap into the future you’ve never dreamed of with the Hyperlite Franchise.


Ronix One ATR Wakeboard

2012 Ronix One ATR Wakeboard

The Ronix One ATR is built with everything you need to to take on any wake or cable park. Like many high end snowboards the Ronix One ATR features a sintered base that is durable, easy to repair,  and is the best non-stick base material that Ronix has ever tested on rails without loosing any glide speed on the water.  Every aspect of the Ronix One rocker was built to create the least amount of water resistance.  Allowing you to ride longer with less work. Another bouns of the new designed for speed makings it the fastest pro model Danny Harf  has ever ridden.  Thanks to the late rocker this board has explosive pop, so even if you using board with a smaller wake you will still get a solid vertical kick.

Features of the Ronix One ATR :

  • New surf/round rail with a soft bevel thru the center that makes the board ride higher on the water and  helps prevent you from catching an edge
  • Rail blends to a sharper bevel and a vertical sidewall in the tip/ tail creating additional contact with the water, a more predictable turn
  • Thin profile reduces swing weight
  • A fastest rocker line we have ever made means you leave the wake with more momentum with faster landings for less impact on landings
  • Deeper side vents for fins – the best in traction with a looser feel and a quick release
  • Monocoque – Fully wrapped glass from the top to the bottom making a strongest wakeboard.
  • Parallel Carbon – A livelier construction
  • Sintered Base – The most durable non-stick base material that is still quick on the water.
  • 4 Detachable 1.0″ ramp fins
  • Slider Fins – A fin actually designed to be sessioned on rails, also for riders that like that finless feel, the wider design creates turbulence giving it a less gratuitous grip on the water.
  • Krypto Cable – Combined with our monocoque laminated glass, this cable makes the sidewalls the strongest part of the board – not the weakest
  • Danny Harf designed and approved
  • Length (cm): 134, 138, 142, 146

Other Ronix One Wakeboards

Liquid Force 2012 Wakeboard Sneek Peek

A couple of the House Crew just spent a few days in Orlando at Surf Expo and had a chance to take peek at Liquid forces NEW line of 2012 wakeboards. Here is your chance to see it before everyone else!

2012 Liquid Force Witness Grind

The LF Witness Grind is built LF Tough.  Same smooth Witness shape with a tough Grind Base, this board will take a beating and keep coming back. This board has been placed in the demo fleet at every L.F. Cable park and now you know why.  Hit rails, kickers, rocks or just plain whatever. Jibby jabby Happy fun!

2012 Liquid Force Watson

The Watson is the staple of the L.F. line.  All around explosive performance and forgiveness. Same loaded shape as last year with updated killer graphics! Come on! It’s Shawn’s board… Have you seen this guy ride?! Smooth and cool! This is one board that you’re going to want to see in person.

2012 Liquid Force Watson Hybrid

The Watson Hybrid can do it all. Did I not just get done talking about this! Same awesome shape with some grind and press friendly features. Truly an all A+rounder!

2012 Liquid Force Watson Classic

The Watson Classic! This says it! Tried and True… This board has been in the line for years… and why because it works! Anyone can ride it and while you may not turn into the Watson that you seek you will find yourself quite pleased!

2012 Liquid Force Tex – Tom Fooshee

Tom Fooshee’s new whip!! Everything is big in Tex!  The King of the Cable has finally designed a versatile and easy ride that can go from boat to cable. Check him out and you’ll see what I mean! Poke and Grind!

2012 Liquid Force Shane Hybrid

Shane Bonifay is now flying high on his new Hybrid.  Being the lightest of the Hybrids with the most contours, Shane has designed this board to ride on and over everything.  Press and pop to all new highs. The Shane takes board feedback to a whole new level!

2012 Liquid Force S4

The Liquid Force S4 is the creation from the 2 time Pro Wakeboard Tour Champion Phillip Soven.  A loose yet explosive ride, this board is a tournament killer! Hip to the Hop with the S4 and look it sparkles!

2012 Liquid Force PS3

PS3! PS what? Phillip Soven’s old Pro Model has moved down the line and become something for everyone.  This board is smooth as silk. Easy turns, predicable pop, easy landings. This is progression to the max! Get one before they are gone!

2012 Liquid Force Peak

The LF Peak is not your typical board! It’s for Zz-Germans! Nico Von Lerchenfeld is destroying all of the German cable parks he can and of course the Peak is his weapon of choice.  This board is a machine! With a tough grind base and flex to go with it, you can take laps over and over and over and over and…. well you get the point! So give this cable park monster a little slap and tickle. Trust me, you will love it.

2012 Liquid Force Harley

The Harley is one of the Newest creations coming out of L.F.  Introduced last year as one of the fastest and most explosive boards yet.  Harley Clifford has had a little help from this bad boy! Really this kid is talented and has put together one of the best boards in the line. If you want to go big this is the board for you.

2012 Liquid Force Deluxe Hybrid

The Deluxe is a combination of smooth and lively! Totally Smively! Kevin Henshaw dreamed it and Jimmy created it! Have confidence riding behind the boat and on the rails! Zoom in on that Graphic! SICK!

2012 Liquid Force Melissa Hybrid

Melissa, Melissa, Mellisa, What can I say? She RIPS! Melissa Marquardt puts most guys to shame and this board helps her do it. Fast yet predictable, smooth yet snappy.  The Melissa Hybrid will take everything you throw at it!

2012 Liquid Force Luna

The Liquid Force Luna is the twins sister of the PS3. Easy, Predictable and has a killer ladies graphics ta boot! All of the L.F. ladies have been on this thing at some point in there career.  Now fellas, check out the matching setup…… The lady will love you!


Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses Review

This ladies and gentlemen is the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses. It is the design that started it all. It was originally designed for US military fighter pilots in 1937. GQ magazine and Esquire magazine have rated these sunglasses as one of the top things that you should never let out of your wardrobe. Again, timeless style, that make you look good and feel cool. Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses. Go get some.

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

2011 Byerly Blunt Review

For 2011, Byerly came up with a brand new board called the Blunt. Byerly Blunt has a lot of features of the best boards in the past. We brought a really cool rocker line back from the Monarch with a real small flat spot, more of a limited three stage; with a lot of fast thriller responsive rocker, running out the tip. We added for the first time in a lot of years with a Byerly, a spine to the Blunt as well. The Byerly has a real slight eighth inch spine, makes the border land very soft. Get on a rail really easy. It also incorporates something brand new for the Byerly. The Byerly Blunt comes with removable beams. It’s going to be the first board in the market we’ve done with removable beads and it also gives you an option. The beams of the Byerly Blunt will either be able to run a half inch from the tail to track a little bit more or, they’ll be able to move in to an inch and a half off the tail to give you a little bit more release off the tail of the wake and a littler looser ride. Byerly Blunt also has the option to be able to ride fins, if you choose. So, it’s going to be a real versatile board. With this, the Byerly Blunt is also going to be a great cable board. It will be one of the first boards we’ve had that you can actually ride and in the cable and in the park with no fins or beams at all, if you choose. Also for the Byerly Blunt, we left a very wide tip profile for this board, mimicking more of what the Monarch outline is. This wide tip profile gives you maximum pop off the wake. At the same time, it also runs a little bit more of that straight wall. We came up with a conspiracy that lets you hold your board on edge. For the Byerly Blunt, we also came up with a brand new glass construction this year. The Byerly Blunt incorporates a carbon fiber keg ware sidewall that wraps around the whole perimeter of the board. It makes the side wall of this board nearly indestructible. You’ll see some photos of Scott Byerly jibbing the rocks earlier today with this board. After hitting the rocks multiple times, there’s not one fracture around the rail or the perimeter of this board. This thing is nearly indestructible. What’s up guys! Erin Rathy here, holding the brand new 2011 Byerly Blunt. This board is a really fun board to ride just because you can do it so many different ways. You can either ride it with a removable beam, which is more like a mold-it-in fin and also, ride it finless on the cable if you want to hit rails and you know make it a little bit more slippery. You know, get a little bit of a buttery feel to it. You know, it’s also good in that aspect. It’s a got a really wide nose and tail, really wide belly, for good pop through the wave. And, land super soft with the new spine we created. For the new board, we also decided to bring back some originally Byerly flavor with a full-on tip to tail graphic. So, we spent a really long time this winter, you know product testing for the blunt. We wanted to make something that was different throughout the whole line; had a lot of the similarities that we liked about our boards. Keno with the Blunt, it’s got removable beams, reinforced side wall, and just so many good features that you can kind of change up and ride it your own way. So, I think it’s a new breed of wakeboard. Something I’m proud of. You know, proud to put the Byerly name on and the rest of the crew as well. You should try the Byerly Blunt.

Ronix Ibex Wakeboard Review

I’m Parks Bonifay, professional wakeboarder and proud owner of a company called Ronix Wakeboards. I have been fortunate enough to work with a lot of different companies that make a lot of different varieties of boards, and now riding for Ronix and and being part of owner of Ronix, it changes the game and the way you think about, the way you actually break down the product and go about designing it from a marketing standpoint to a production.

It seems like it’s my baby right now. I care so much about all the boards on the line, just not mine, when in the past, you only cared about your boot and board and that was it. Being part owner in a company, it just changes the way you really think about it and it makes it a lot more gratifying when it all turns out as good as it did in 2011, this year. It’s getting better and better. I’ve been wakeboarding for about 15 years and I was fortunate enough to get into the sport of wakeboarding when it was just an infant. I kind of got to see the sport and the product change. As the ropes got bigger, as the wakes got bigger, the ropes got higher, you notice that the boards get wider. What that is because the wakes get steeper, so you’re not coming in with so much cut and angle at the wake. You’re actually using the steepness and the girth of the wake to do more tricks, which is why I personally, like the board with the most surface area on it. It has the widest tip and tail, the widest belly, and I think overall, that’s the way the wakes are going nowadays – that’s the way it’s going to benefit your riding. I’ve kind of been synonymous in the past for having a very aggressive style and very aggressive boards. With Ronix, I really wanted to take the features of boards, of things, that I liked in the past and tone them down.You get a lot more forgiveness with this beveled rail through the belly and having a wide tip tail definitely makes it more stable when you’re learning advanced tricks than just beginning and getting up. My board actually has 864 square inches of surface area. That’s about 10% more than any other board in the Ronix line. The more surface area you have, the better it is for your riding, for sure. With a wide tip and tail and a three stage rocker, it’s going to have a big sweet spot as you come off the wake, so you don’t really have to come in with as much speed and aggressiveness as you typically would on a continuous, narrow kind of board; you can come in flat and off and it’s going to give you the vertical kick that you want when you hit the wake. With my 2011 Ibex Wakeboard, one thing I ultimately wanted to get was a board that has two different things; I wanted it to feel loose when I was riding flat on the water, to give you more forgiveness when you are doing butterslides or when you’re coming up short on a trick. But I also wanted a rail in the back, where you could lean on it and really have a lot of bite when you’re coming into the wake. To get those two things, I put a beveled rail through the belly so when you’re riding flat on the water, you get more of a looseness, kind of a forgiveness, riding higher on the water. But then, when you put it on the edge, you sit from about the last 14 inches of your rail, which is why it goes from this bevel right into a really thinned out rail with a tail, which is really what you sit on and you can really cut as hard as you want on that. So you get two things: you get a good bite coming into the wake when you need it and you get a lot of forgiveness when you’re riding flat doing your butterslides. I’m sure most of you know — and if you don’t — Herb O’Brian pretty much designs all the products for Ronix. Now, with Ronix, we actually have a mob-core foam, which is the lightest, most stiffest foam that you can get. And the benefits we get from that is having a board that we can make a lot thinner than we have in the past. So, not only do we have the best foam, with the mob-core foam, but we also have a carbon that we lay into the foam which really gives you a stiffness that maintains the shape of your board, whatever that shape may be, whether it’s continuous or three-stage. Over time, as you hit the wake, as it sits in the sun, and in the water, they continue to go flat. With the carbon, it maintains the life of your board and keeps that energy that you initially had when you first bought it. That’s what you need — that’s what you get. So, the widest stance on my board is 28 inches wide. It’s wide, but it feels really stable, so if you’re really into cables really having a wide stance, it gives you a lot of stability when you are on rails, and just riding on wake and grabbing your board it really, overall, makes it feel better having a little bit wider stance. I am really pumped on my graphic this year. One of my favorite things is my actual DNA pattern that I have on the bottom of my board. We did a contest for Red Bull, called Red Bull Wake Clap. And before the contest started, they swabbed my mouth and they actually gave me a print up of what my DNA looks like. With Ronix, I was like, ‘that’s a perfect combination of what we need to do’ and I actually already had my DNA printed up, so this is actually my DNA on my doohickey on my board. So, in 2011, not only is there the IBEX, there’s the IBEX ATR – all terrain ride. All terrain means that we have a center base at the bottom, which really makes it a lot more durable on rails but often maintaining the speed. Like, a lot of boards, if they have different types of bottoms, they can change the way they grip on certain types of materials and rails, so with this, you get a really good glide and maintaining its durability at the same time. Another addition that comes with the IBEX ATR edition is the fin option. We have regular fins that come on the regular IBEX for the boat riders out there that want a good bite and grip. We also have a slider fin; slightly wider, doesn’t really get hung up on rails at all. It also has, when you ride on the water, it also has more of a looser, snowboard kind of feel, so if you like a board that is a little bit looser, a little bit more forgiveness, then you can ride the board with the slider fins. The regular IBEX 2011 comes murdered out black. One thing I like about the ATR boards is that they come with a different kind of graphic on it, usually a different color switch up. Mine, bright orange on the bottom, running them with the bulls, and it’s true – this board actually looks as good as my mustache.

Ronix District Wakeboard Boot

Ronix Wakeboards new 2011 District Wakeboard Binding. So, what we have a stage two liner that’s new in this wakeboard boot, which is a lighter foam. It’s a more comfortable, and it’s a foam that will not pack down. What that means is each time you put the boot on, it’s going to feel exactly the same. It’s not temperature sensitive. It’s just going to feel like it did Day One.

We’ve got a PVC solvent free boot. We have an eco-friendly boot, and the boot’s 20 percent lighter. So what we have is we have a two piece shell system. It’s got an articulating cuff, and what that means is, as you’re bending the boot, as you’re getting a lot of flex in it, you’re not going to get the wrinkles and the hot spots that the one piece shells normally have. So, one of the really unique things with the District boot is the floating tongue. What the floating tongue does is, it really allows you to customize. Some people like to really crank down on the laces and other people don’t like that really tight fit up too high. You’ll still get a snug fit across your whole foot.

One of the really cool things that we’ve done this year with the District boot is we’ve put these really low friction eyelets in and what it does is it takes way less effort to pull and tighten your boot. So what we have here with the District boot is a baseless plate. We came out with this a few years ago and it’s really been a big hit, so much more feedback from the board to the rider.

What we’ve done is we’ve really addressed all the different foot sizes and we’ve addressed the needs of the rider. So what we’ve got is we’ve got a really light boot that’s a super comfortable boot, easy to get into. I really, really want a boot that I can just slide my foot into and snug it tight. I don’t want to go through all the steps with it. So, if you’re looking for a really super light, supportive, comfortable boot, you really need to give the District a shot.

2011 Liquid Force Delux Wakeboard Review

New this year to Liquid Force line is the 2011 Deluxe Wakeboard, the new board I worked on with Kevin Henshaw. Kevin Henshaw started off on our FLX, ripping on rails and powering through parks. But, you know, he also wanted a board that allowed him more control and more performance behind the boat and that’s where we came up with the deluxe. We took the hybrid technology, the hybrid construction inherit in the Flex and incorporated into a board with more bottom features for performance you can show behind the boat and at the park. Now, again, with the hybrid technology, it features a see in seed core with a triple stringer. You can see the stringer right through the graphic. And, this board is rounded out with our liquid rail sidewall. Super durable, and giving you an unreal bond on the material so that this board holds together. We glass it with tri-x glass so it gives the board a lot of flex, response, rebound and pop. The base of Kevin’s board features a single concave through the center, and edge channels for control and hold. This all flows through a big center slot and a real thin tip profile so the board has a lot of flex out at the ends. Kevin’s board comes in 139 and 143.

2011 Liquid Force Shane Wakeboard Review

The 2011 Shane Bonifay Pro Model

Like all Liquid Force Pro models this year, Shane’s Pro model features our Carbon X construction. Unique to Shane’s board, the Carbon X pattern is in a plus minus 45 degree going through the center of the board. It has little narrower bands than on Harley’s board. Shane wanted a focused pop, a little sweet spot in the center, keeping the board stiff right between his feet but allowing the tips to flex as much as possible. Shane’s board has an aggressive three stage rocker which gives it that straight up pop and the hang time that Shane loves. The base features a triple concave. Now it is double through the center, flowing into a triple concave out the tail, with the center concave being wider than the two outside concaves. It gives this board a focused ollie pop. You have a little sweet spot right behind the edge of your back foot and when you push down, this board pushes back giving you tons of lift and pop. All of this water flows through a quad fin molded N-fin set up for unreal hold with minimum drag. Shane’s board has really got to be ridden and tested to love. Another thing about Shane’s board is you will notice there is no channel running through the edge of the board. Shane wanted his board really loose through the middle of the board. It has real neutral handling and is real slider friendly. He has the lifted variable edge rail running through the center, getting progressively sharper as it comes out the edge of the board for all of the bite and hold. Killer graphic on the top is a touch of Shane. This comes combo’d with Shane’s signature binding.