Wakeboard Reviews

Hyperlite System Bindings and Boots

The System Bindings

Hyperlite System Binding In 2011 Hyperlite lunched the System Bindings and they are perhaps the most innovating design change in the wakeboard Industry.  Taking their inspiration from snowboarding.  The System is the only wakeboard binding/boot system on the planet. New Adjustable Toe Strap System – Over the top or over the toe New Fast Back Locking Highback Option Baseless Boot Interface Ultra Light…


2013 Hyperlite Franchise Jimmy LaRiche Wakeboard Review

Franchise F

Hyperlite Franchise The first thing you’ll enviously notice staring that the Hyperlite Franchise Wakeboard is the graphic.  The Hyperlite Visual Liberation is a collection of wakeboards that draws inspiration from a worldly group of desingers.  The Hyperlite Franchise’s graphic was created by Theocy Design.  Clap your hands with a big stance for those guys.  But…


Ronix One ATR Wakeboard


2012 Ronix One ATR Wakeboard The Ronix One ATR is built with everything you need to to take on any wake or cable park. Like many high end snowboards the Ronix One ATR features a sintered base that is durable, easy to repair,  and is the best non-stick base material that Ronix has ever tested on rails without loosing any glide speed…


Liquid Force 2012 Wakeboard Sneek Peek


A couple of the House Crew just spent a few days in Orlando at Surf Expo and had a chance to take peek at Liquid forces NEW line of 2012 wakeboards. Here is your chance to see it before everyone else! 2012 Liquid Force Witness Grind The LF Witness Grind is built LF Tough.  Same…


Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses Review

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses

This ladies and gentlemen is the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses. It is the design that started it all. It was originally designed for US military fighter pilots in 1937. GQ magazine and Esquire magazine have rated these sunglasses as one of the top things that you should never let out of your wardrobe. Again, timeless…


2011 Byerly Blunt Review


For 2011, Byerly came up with a brand new board called the Blunt. Byerly Blunt has a lot of features of the best boards in the past. We brought a really cool rocker line back from the Monarch with a real small flat spot, more of a limited three stage; with a lot of fast…


Ronix Ibex Wakeboard Review


I’m Parks Bonifay, professional wakeboarder and proud owner of a company called Ronix Wakeboards. I have been fortunate enough to work with a lot of different companies that make a lot of different varieties of boards, and now riding for Ronix and and being part of owner of Ronix, it changes the game and the…


Ronix District Wakeboard Boot

Ronix District Wakeboard Bindings

Ronix Wakeboards new 2011 District Wakeboard Binding. So, what we have a stage two liner that’s new in this wakeboard boot, which is a lighter foam. It’s a more comfortable, and it’s a foam that will not pack down. What that means is each time you put the boot on, it’s going to feel exactly the…


2011 Liquid Force Delux Wakeboard Review

Liquid Force Deluxe Wakeboard

New this year to Liquid Force line is the 2011 Deluxe Wakeboard, the new board I worked on with Kevin Henshaw. Kevin Henshaw started off on our FLX, ripping on rails and powering through parks. But, you know, he also wanted a board that allowed him more control and more performance behind the boat and…


2011 Liquid Force Shane Wakeboard Review

Liquid Force Shane Wakeboard

The 2011 Shane Bonifay Pro Model Like all Liquid Force Pro models this year, Shane’s Pro model features our Carbon X construction. Unique to Shane’s board, the Carbon X pattern is in a plus minus 45 degree going through the center of the board. It has little narrower bands than on Harley’s board. Shane wanted…