Wake Surf Board Reviews

Ronix Wake Surfboards

Grant form Ronix, stopped by the house to give us the run down on the new line of Ronix Wake Surfboards. Ronix Koal Wakesurfer: For 2012 Ronix Koal Wakesurf board has been redesigned and reshaped. Making the Koal faster, more buoyant and one of the best wakesurfers for sole surfers. Machined EVA top deck with built in tail wedge The quickest…


Ronix Duke Wakesurf board Review

Ronix Duke wakesurfer

Ronix The Duke Wake Surf Board Ronix Wakeboards here with the Duke Surfboard, new to Ronix line this year, last year we came out with the Koal Surfer which was our first wake board constructed wake surfer which gives the board a lot of buoyancy on the water. New to this year is our wake…


2011 Ronix One Skimmer Review

Ronix One Skimmer Wakesurf Board

Ronix Wakesurf Boards Last year, Ronix came out with the Koal surfer, which was one of our first boards that was actually made with surf foam and made in Ronix’s exclusive factory. They basically came out with a wakesurfer that actually carries the same type of buoyancy of a surf board. So, instead of using…


GrindWater- Shapiro Shaka Wakesurf Board Review

Grindwater Shaka Wakesurf Board

  From GrindWater’s Shapiro line of boards, this is the Shaka model. This is our 5’2” hand shaped, bigger board of our two boards we have. Some of the features on this board are the kick tail pad. All of our models actually have this tail pad on it and it has a very interesting…