Ronix Wake Surfboards

Grant form Ronix, stopped by the house to give us the run down on the new line of Ronix Wake Surfboards.

Ronix Koal Wakesurfer:

For 2012 Ronix Koal Wakesurf board has been redesigned and reshaped. Making the Koal faster, more buoyant and one of the best wakesurfers for sole surfers.

  • Machined EVA top deck with built in tail wedge
  • The quickest rocker line
  • 3 surf specific 2.9″ bottom mount fins
  • Surf Constructed – lighter, faster, more buoyant
  • Epoxy Construction – harder resin equals a stronger board
  • Swallow Tail

Ronix One Skimmer:

Created by Danny Harf the Ronix One Wakesurf board has a surf construction and semi twin shape giving it more of a skate feel for lip tricks, shove-its and airs. The one skimmer has a pin tail shape allowing this board to carry tones of speed, making capable of riding behind boats with a smaller wake.

  • Machined EVA top
  • Semi twin- easy to ride switch
  • .9″ bottom mount tip fin
  •  2.9″ bottom mount tail fin
  • Surf constructed  (handle with care)
  • Created by Danny Harf

 Ronix Parks Carbon Thruster:

With 7 Adjustable fin slots  and 10 fins the Ronix Parks Carbon Wakesurf board is completely customizable, giving you hundred of different fin options making it a ride all your own. With the quickest rocker line, a carbon construction and a squash tail this is by far the reactive board ronix has ever made.

  • Machined EVA top deck with  tail wedge
  • The quickest rocker line, construction, profile and rail design e
  • 5 new surf specific 2.3″ fins
  • 5 new surf specific 2.9″ fins
  • All carbon construction
  • Countless fin configurations
  • Surf constructed – (handle with care)
  • Epoxy Construction – harder resin equals a stronger board
  • The soul of surfing is ridden by Parks Bonifay

Ronix Duke Wakesurfer:

The Ronix Duke Longboard is the thickest and most buoyant wakesurfers in Ronix’s line.  Make it the most stable and by far the most easy going soul surfing board in the would of wake surfing.

  • Machined EVA top deck with built in tail wedge
  • 1 Longboard specific bottom mount fin
  • The chance to ride your favorite longboard skateboard on the water now
  • Surf constructed – lighter, faster, more buoyant, and yes more fragile (handle with care)
  • Epoxy Construction – Harder resin equals a stronger board
  • Erik Ruck approved for the soul of surfing

Ronix Duke Wakesurf board Review

Ronix The Duke Wake Surf Board

Ronix Wake Surf BoardsRonix Wakeboards here with the Duke Surfboard, new to Ronix line this year, last year we came out with the Koal Surfer which was our first wake board constructed wake surfer which gives the board a lot of buoyancy on the water. New to this year is our wake surfer which basically made to mimic the ride of a long board on a wake surfer wave. This board is big enough so you can basically ride it behind any boat. It has tons of speed and a super thick side profile so anyone can get on this board and surf a little wave even without the rope. This board is twice and thick as any other wake surfer in our line it makes it even more buoyant and makes it so you can walk up and down the board and surf it like a long board. You can put your toes on the nose and definitely have a lot of fun. This surfboard has a really round rail throughout the whole board and also a big single fin so it gives it that real classic turn just like the old school long boards used to be. You might not live in Waikiki, but if you pick up this Duke wakesurfer and ride with the Duke, even if you’re landlocked

Key Features of the Duke Wakesurf Board

  • Machined EVA top deck with built in wedge
  • 1 Longboard specific 4.5” bottom mount fin
  • A new innovative 6’ 1” one size fits all shape
  • Surf constructed – lighter, faster, more buoyant, and yes more fragile (handle with care)
  • Erik Ruck approved for the soul of surfing
  • 2011 Ronix One Skimmer Review

    Ronix Wakesurf Boards

    Last year, Ronix came out with the Koal surfer, which was one of our first boards that was actually made with surf foam and made in Ronix’s exclusive factory. They basically came out with a wakesurfer that actually carries the same type of buoyancy of a surf board. So, instead of using compression molded foam, They are actually using surf foam, which gives you a lot more buoyancy, which gives the board a lot more drive and speed. So, you don’t need as big of a wave to surf a smaller board. In addition to the Koal surfer, the Ronix team thought they needed something in the line that would have more of that skate feel, a kind of a board that was not as geared towards carving, but more geared towards doing lip tricks, shove-its, airs and that sort of thing. So, basically what they have is the Ronix One Skimmer, which has a small fin on the nose and bigger single fin in the tail.

    This basically has a gun style shape or a round pintail, which basically makes the board really fast. The board is small enough where it fits in the pocket, and you can do all the skate tricks, shove-its, ollies. It’s more of a trick geared board, but it still carries tons of speed. So, you can carve it and ride a really small wave with even this really small skim board. One beauty of having actual surf board foam is that you’re able to make the board profile a lot thinner. So, just like a surf board, a thinner board gets you down closer to the water. It definitely gives you a little bit more feel on the water. Having a thinner profile like a skim board really lets that board glide on top of the water. By using real surf foam, they are able to get rid of a lot of the thickness of this board and make it even easier to trick it around.  This is the new One skim board for 2011. Check it out! You definitely need to add it to your quiver.

    GrindWater- Shapiro Shaka Wakesurf Board Review


    From GrindWater’s Shapiro line of boards, this is the Shaka model. This is our 5’2” hand shaped, bigger board of our two boards we have. Some of the features on this board are the kick tail pad. All of our models actually have this tail pad on it and it has a very interesting rail. This is called the fly rail design. I took some time and came up with it. It keeps giving the board quite a bit of push while maintaining the integrity of a longer board. The bottom design is a full rail to rail concave, which really helps the board go rail to rail. It feels like a real true surfing experience when you’re riding this type of design. All our boards just have this two fin design here, that work well with the swallow tail. So really, the fly rail, the fin, and the swallow tail, kind of all work together. We’ve got that all working together on this. So it’s not just like we stuck a couple of fins on it, but they’re placed to work along with the fly rail. All of our boards are hand made starting with a foam blank, and then wrapped in fiberglass and hand sanded. You really get a lot of performance out of a hand shaped surfboard compared to compression molded board, because you just can’t get the detail form the plastics that they use in compression molded board. That’s why the best surfers in the world use this type of material for real consistent performance that you can’t get out of compression molding.